Black People : Being Divinely True And Real

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Being Divinely True And Real.
is how Black Afrikans Do Not live today.

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

I Just Share With You What You Need To Know Again, How You Deal With The Divine Truth And Reality Is Up, To You, No Hard Selling, Just Softly Revealing The Divine Truth To Black Afrikan People, beloved.

You do not know to realize that Night and Day travel like a speeding bullet in the process of living and the next time you come up for Divine Truth and Reality you will realize that you have been played to be a fool by that racist Luciferian Human Being who changes not, using the spirit being used coming from an evil mind to keep Black Afrikans cursing the Dark and misjudging the meaning of the Light, which keeps you from being Divinely True and Real To Your Self Is how Black Afrikans live today, freedom being Not An Objective Of Yours, Black Afrikan People!!!

Being young and varnished have you believing that you are invincible and that you have all of the Time in the world to be allowed to be treated like a fool behave.

But I must not place all of the blame on you the young, the elders of the Black Race appear to have no clue about what to share with the young about the fact that we Black Afrikans are not free and what it is we must do to change the dynamics that have the elders living in the bubble of self and Godly ignorance.

Which place the elders in a position of being a fool for the oppressors as the Elders take on the persona of that satanic Luciferian Human Being, they were of no Divine Value to the Young and Gifted Black Afrikans who all carry at birth the spark of Freedom just by being young with potential of becoming Revolutionary strong, but is not.

Because, there is a lack of Divine leadership that is Elderly gifted and Mentally Strong with a Mind that Knows What the Greater Good-God Is And Who Thyself is, and with that combination of Divine awareness, Freedom, when not in the midst of Black Afrikans in Afrika, should be the goal of the Black Afrikan people, uncompromised, beloved.

Being Divinely Black And Truthful Real is not yours just for the asking, you must earn to get your Divinity back, beloved and Divine Truth and Reality is not evasive, you must learn to travel the cycle of remembrance in order to innerstand the presence of the Greater Good-God.

The God That Is Beyond being Defined, Its Meaning Is Its Presence That Is Verified By your presence, for without the presence of the Greater Good-God, Nothing is in the physical and appear not to be physical, and all that the Divine Essence the Greater Good-God Is, that beloved is Infinite Dark Energy Intelligent Freedom!!!

So, that is the reason why I share the Divine Truth with you concerning Freedom, without unity you have not the quality of Mind to know with innerstanding what the Divine Essence Greater Good-God Is and such ignorance keep you a fool to be used by that racist devilish Satanic Luciferian Human Being, beloved!!!

A strong and Thinking Divine Mind does not need to be begged to become involved with fighting for your Freedom, Hell, That becoming Automatic The Moment Your Oppression begins, beloved.

Because if not, you lose the Mind you need to Divinely Inform and Guide you, beloved Black Afrikan people!!!

Need I remind You that it is our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation that represents Afrika and Black Afrikans to be in Afrika Freedom???

So, Share With Me Black Afrikan People, In Whose Mind Authority Is Our Freedom Today, Is That Why We Black Afrikans Refuse To Act Demanding Our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation Freedom???

What A Pity And A Shame How A Once Divine Black Cosmic Divine Universal Black Nation Allow Ourselves To Be Ignored And Disrespected Today, Without Shame And A Shameless People Are A Useless People, Beloved.

Divine Respect

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