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Jan 3, 2002
Being Divine Is Being Black and All You Started Out To be, Being Black Is being All You Can Be

By Chief Elder Osiris

If you do not know who you are, then you will begin to classify your self to be who you are not, and while being entangled in such confusion about your self, it will have you picking and choosing amongst your selves, grouping your selves to make claim that one group is better than the other or is better off than the other, when in fact if you are Black and is a victim of the Middle Passage, then we all are still a slave and is the property still, of those people with a history of Enslaving Black People as long as the Black Nation remain Divided and Afrika is no longer Afrika, and now Black People are calling ourselves everything but what we are, and to do that, is a sign that those people now residing on the other side of the Atlantic, away from the Land now referred to as Afrika and have gotten there by way of the Middle Passage, we are the people with a Mental illness which have us drawing distinction between Black People based on where the Slave Masters decided to drop our Black behind as cargo in a strange Land that differ from the Land of our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors, they who first came to this Planet call Earth, they being goddess and god Beings, they being Black and having a Divine Spirit.

So the question of today, is being Black today, a in thing or not? so I ask the question, what are the criteria to be used in order to determine the value and popularity of your Blackness Beloved?

I understand exactly what the goddess meant by promoting our Blackness and she had only in her mind those who carry the Black scar and whenever our Blackness is being show cased, it does not mean that all else who is of the anthropomorphous Race are included, she clearly specified that Black is in, not Caucasian, or Mongoloids, just Black, and there are many Black People among us who have a problem with Black Folks elevating and speaking Divine about our Blackness, it just show the illness Mentally, that we carry from our Middle Passage Journey.

Now, what I must share with you is this, our Blackness is Divine and is never on a down low in comparison to all of the other Race grouping of other people that constitute the Anthropomorphous Being, but how we represent our Blackness is at a all Time Low, but it is about how we have come to classify our Black selves as a Being, which reveal at what status of our Blackness have come to be represented today.

So, it is being Black and Human that is in, meaning being popular, wearing the illusion of being a Black Successful Professional, and it is that representation of our Blackness that Lucifer has embraced and allowed those Black Human Beings to establish a Social Structure for themselves within the ethnicity of our Blackness, so on that basis, being Black and Human is an in thing among Black people and among the Human Beings proper.

When the Being who is endowed with the Genetic code that cause that Being pigment to be as dark as the Divine Universe that is without visible illumination, and that Divine energy stretch into Infinity causing it to be the very essence of Eternal Infinity, and those Beings calling themselves Black find the self of that Being having a need to question the shade of the pigment that is a carbon copy of the Perfect Night, then know that the Spirit of that Being is not in Harmony with Self.

Never will I debate the significance of our Blackness with anybody, to do so is an indication that I do not know who I am as the Being that is formed by the Divine Essence, coming right out of the Action of that Divine Eternal Infinite Black Energy.

To the Divine Black Being, concern not yourself with those who have reduced themselves to the level of a Human Being, a classification conceived by a Being with a passion to inflict Evil action on a Being who carry the Divine scar of the Perfect Divine Night, it being the Divine attribute of the Divine Essence, meaning that pigment that the oppressors identify as being Black and did so because the Divine Nature of the Divine Being is and always have been known by Lucifer, and it is Lucifer the Human Being that despise the fact of your Divinity and did set out to demean your Divinity to your self, and you know what, every time we debate the value or try to devalue our Divinity, which is your Darkness, then you verify the success of Lucifer and verify that you have become cursed with the spirit of Lucifer by identifying with Lucifer the Human Being.

Does Divine Wise Intelligence, debate the Divine Truth and Reality of the Divine Essence Existence?

No, only the foolish Human Being develop a category that signify a belief that negate the existence of the Divine Essence, ( "GOD" )

So you see beloved, it is your Divinity, your Genetic Code that cause your Body to carry the Melanin that verify your Blackness and such a Divine Scar need not to be prove to be the relationship of the Perfect Divine Energy, that which cause your Blackness, as we refer to the colorlessness of our original pigment to be.

It is blasphemy to debate, question, or prove the worthiness of your Blackness, what is up for debate is the reason why we choose to misrepresent our Blackness, the Divinity of your Being.

You have some Black Human Beings that do not feel comfortable in discussing the Divinity of our Blackness with the exclusion of those other people with a history of abusing and demeaning the Melanin you are in possession of, not to mention of speaking Divinely of Black People, so you profit yourself nothing but self reduction every time you engage with the Black Human Beings about the value of your Blackness, they who have a need to always, when discussing your Blackness, must have those other people without the Black Scar to be included in such a discussion, such a need bare the spirit of Lucifer, the Human Being of this evil world.

Being Divine is how you started out to be, it is the way our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors Lived their Lives, in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the rhythm of the Divine Universe, and they represented being of the shade of the Infinite Universe, by revealing a Divine Spirit, and it is that Divine Life that Black people today must live again, that is if we are ever going to represent ourselves in a way that say that we have come to know ourselves again, which is the way we started by living our lives Divinely.

Today, being Black is being all that you can be, which is not Human but Divine, and when Black people make that quality of an effort, then will the Black Nation rise in unity and Afrika will become as Afrika once was at the Time of our Ancient First Way Ancestors presence in the Land now referred to as Afrika, and we must never apologize for our Blackness or speak lowly of such a Divine state of being Black.

Can You Understand That, Beloved?

Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

Chief Elder
The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement


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