Black Poetry : Being discrete

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    Being discrete

    My plan unique but can’t stand the heat have to leave the kitchen

    But please I’m itching for fish in a good robe by wood stove twitching

    In the lawn out and about and beyond a doubt should go fast and

    mow the grass then it need weed and feed try take care of my land

    wear bling a lot spill mess so bring the mop carry a slang shot

    for birds and pack a jar of words so can speak to my crops

    bring smoking to an end it’s choking the wind right out

    of me, a cigar don’t make me a big star health is what’s its about

    feast in bold fashion cease to control the passion for cornflakes

    adorn the great Tony the Tiger, use my teeth for beef torn steaks

    write random quotes but abandon the hopes on becoming the greats

    plan got smash so I stand abash in hands cash gonna buy cans

    of corn beef hash, wear bling around cats try bring me down fans

    cling to my nouns had to sing for my crown now on a reality show

    this fatality flow go on microphones only lonely the lonely yall know

    try escape the fakes and hide these cats abate my pride but it glow

    best but nowadays it glow less, deal with queens in the club yo

    and feel extreme love, a dame shrink my brain and now I think

    lame, girls hard to kiss and trust, regard them with disgust ink

    on my paper, a thug that’s clever will write a love letter she sinks

    her tongue in his mouth,

    One day the fun sway as this boy was checking out this girl

    He wanted to twist her world, kiss and hurl love talk words swirl

    In his head, she had a curfew he’s doing a mad pursue to seize

    Lace so he can squeeze her waist and overtake her cake with ease

    Hug with intent to kiss went to reminisce have fun with a dame

    And run game get wet tons of fame from having sex, so he came

    To get a girl, spoke in a dismension and must devote attention to her

    Fine body which is designed for a party in hopes to attract and stir

    Her emotion, cums to love talk can’t afford to flow it whack must

    Be like a heroic act, yet lyrical but have to get physical and dust

    Off his love talk her body well stocked can tell she’s hot breasts

    And hips the dress grips her shape, a kiss exist on her red lips rest

    Lip gloss he wanna kiss off, she no doubt bless he without success

    Must say the right words coupled with tight verbs he must impress

    Her, this boy will take risks for cake and kiss make a girl jest twist

    In a brisk way, wanna chance for success romance and duck a list

    Of stress just one kiss sugguest sex, kick it mad convinced restricted

    In a bad sense, befriended a stranger now attended by danger wicked

    wanna pull up her dress and put her breasts through a test lick it

    cums to sex liking frequent a striking event biking on bent roads to get

    some, wanna somehow win every now and then but more often wet

    than not are the kisses on the spot got a strong plot I think but yet

    to fill her heart would thrill a part of him, he strive to stay in sink but

    its gonna drive him to drink because her body is fine when she strut

    he’s amazed can’t think not good to raise a stink should stay on page

    like ink, her perfume scent soar terrific even more specific the age

    of beauty nests in here red lips, incredible hips in her panties powers

    in juice as flowers are produced in the name of love this dame a club

    queen the romace books he read are nice so heed the advice one hug

    could cause a chain reaction if the dame a fatal Attraction can get mug

    love ferocious like a lion’s desire got irons in the fire he hope she allow

    her door to remain open this dame is smoking like fireworks he desire

    under her skirt but gonna require an alert plan looks into hert eyes admire

    then he started to think


    Strange brains had to change trains to get on the right track tonight

    The facts remain on his mind then came the wine her dress so tight

    Fantastic attraction her boyfriend done fantastic action game is bright

    He probably live as a bolder thug give over his love in exchange for a wet

    Kiss let her reminisce while hugging her waist and loving the taste

    Of her red hot lipstick, no remedy for romance the enemy advance

    Emotions explode oceans overflowed on sheets as she get a chance

    To kiss her boyfriend I bet he buy her roses galore goes in the room

    Close the door and he jest go crazy between her thighs and really soon

    To cum get the wet cream pies, he raps divine adapt to the time want

    Her to sit in his lap drink wine while he jest rub and play bet he don’t

    Get it twisted yet ballistic when he kiss It, a butter biscuit blind no doubt wanna find out how sex works complex skirts lead to the next alert she jest let him get some tongue oh her boyfriend must thirst they discuss first their outlook no doubt shook about to cook up some sex, her body bold and hot her boyfriend wanna control her stock a chip off the old block his goal is to kiss her lips a lot, wanna make his love equal, cake and a hug feeble this justify his action must be fly for satisfaction stuff he see is exciting so he don’t be frighten, her boyfriend kisses her lips in the living room giving bloom to some sex

    That will flower and thrill with power that will spill into the shower I bet she jest gives him so much tongue he get some and her panties become sticky fast quickly the task was fulfilled now he awaken from the dream this girl be making him scream oh shoots! I wanna be her boyfriend

    HE SAID:

    Look boo I maybe a whack thug but in contact with love but I lack hugs how about I give you one we could live have fun in the bed room your butter on display we can’t put this off another day gee others say we make a perfect couple, hard to leave you must cleave to

    You boo, deserve you my dear and I must persevere my thirst a mere can of kisses and my plan reminisces and grabs beds, wanna lie next to you try sex you, exist and live with a kiss to give things brisk at the crib like LISA LISA AND THE CULT JAM let me take you home, early laws had worldly flaws need a girly claws to keep me attached, can’t cater to haters, boo you got a wet thing so you get a bang out of that no doubt you bat homeruns and strong ones wanna be safe on base getting lace at your place with phat

    Taste in my mouth, adapt novels rap to models get on my bike slap throttles keep a sick plan using my kick stand need to hold a chick’s hand, as a dame you could be my baby mama this pertain to crazy drama, got a sick past much conflict and contrast neeed a chick fast my world spin because I don’t have a girlfriend, so boo you a creative queen could easily be a native cuisine jest phat food for my attitude, hope stats and romance

    Give me a fat chance to land a date, face severe cold and my sincere goal is to have sex

    Got renowned lace and a round face plus sweet cheeks girl keep me in mind then I’m rapping when it happen end up napping in bed ready to begin trapping your red lips

    Chew bubblegum awhile and like a troublesome child play with things and stay with bling So boo can I cling to your waist not a brat you jest hot like that, girl your body hot by the pound I’m on the canvas after the knockdown you butter cup butt threw and uppercut until the count of ten boo you win, your stats extreme to see like a flat screen TV your show on display so hey I need a date feed me some cake not later but now

    So boo here we go loop-dee-loo plus a whoop-bee-doo and like Scooby-doo I thought

    I saw a ghost and now the ghost is gone I can’t postpone our creepy secret we’re gonna have I wanna grab your body girl


    Your luck hurl and you struck this girl with some flat phat love talk, you not able to stop want my thighs spread on tabletops think you wanna label my hot spot, boys with bandana call because I got sex banners on my wall it’s true and real from my head to my shoe heel I have hot phat lace so not gonna fall flat on my face where them boys be at with the chase? No brief relief wanna throw in your teeth and chew my pride end up in your new ride’s backseat think you wanna lay at my door need I say anymore? My body begin to flame but can’t pin the blame on you but your game do stuff to me all these love words, wanna rap and do a trick to get a true chick, wanna add milk to my existing tea under mad silk while kissing me, yeah you see me feel you must stroke brush the dust off your telescope and look elsewhere because I’m shook and self aware. From day to day I’ve come to say you jest a lover needing a further proceeding having stress not clever need to address a letter prevail hot in my mail box and hope your river reach after you deliver a speech make a girl shiver jest to teach sex, I’m fine and deft assigned myself

    To a task can’t make love equal but it a great club sequel I must be a fly attraction my beauty justify the action
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