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    To a task can’t make love equal but it a great club sequel I must be a fly attraction my beauty justify the action now your luck end so you buck the trend think you prefer to be tucked in let your truck spin it’s tires and that begin fires in a girl’s panties I got worlds of candies for you, think you wanna be my fiance with a celli and like BEYONCE AND KELLY yeah yeah yeah and no no no like DESTINY CHILD a recipe gone wild but not foul so It remain hot awhile, so I’m ready to go my panties have a steady flow my body sweaty I know right now my mind on a congested road tested a load of love the code is a trapping hug, your game smokes with lame quotes my body is butter and vapor you need to write another paper can’t smother or taper my renowned strut because of my round butt, I think you wanna go down town and hound around huh?

    One time I was at CHURCH’S Chicken jest too much licking going on up in there greasy and sleazy wind kind of breezy under my skirt, thoughts in my brain mixed but my body remain fixed in a certain state because I’m flirting cake, mini-skirting is great so I’m politicking for some chicken and gravy and my hormones are kicking like crazy plumb sick for a drumstick feel extreme love queen of the club boys want a dream hug I could be their dream girl like J-HUD or BEYONCE be a rapper’s fiance they want pie and toast I deny on oath one guy boast about being my boyfriend, shocking on the block to become
    A laughing stock, I’m hot a **** lot of boys look at my body like it’s ham hocks too sexy for this setting messy need a wedding, this is a farm with horses love harm my choices sudden alarm in voices waiting for chicken devastating and restricting, love is a fun force so I let it run its course nervousness flow through my bowels sweaty and ready to throw in the towel this is all play ready to call it a day, you use love talk to squeeze my mind and That leave no time for an escape, wanna put the clamps on my candies because I have damp panties oh they’re so wet this a sick romance and you may have a brick in your pants, its time no doubt to find out about sex, a girl have to stable her flirt because every boy is able to lift a skirt a boy’s speech and plan is ill but sometime they reach a standstill give you time to escape they out to find cake, here emotion random thrash
    Oceans and tantrums clash seem to mash me between sheets I got cream so eat oh so much steam and heat, on a route doom and maybe crazy out of tune this boy wanna shout and smell my perfume, it’s a strong fact and a known act that boys get horny and that’s the normal order of thing they drink water wear bling try be a king player now this boy approaches really itch for the right words which is absurd really silly not funny but do he have the ability to get my hot honey I think not and my panties pink and hot wanna sink a lot of hot tongue his plot is to get some for real he wanna take advantage of my cake and sandwich wanna split the bread and git some in bed

    HE SAID:
    Boo you hot and fine rated at the top of the line girl you at the tip-top plus you listen to HIP HOP a lot, you got cake and romance and I’m ready to take a chance I’m a guy love struck willing to try my luck while CHURCH’S fry up some chicken that be finger licking my Rolex ticking, so girl your sex juice tower and it’s not an abuse of power to ask for a little bit boo let me fiddle wit your brew I’m stuck in middle what can I do
    Yeah boo you wild and convinced in a mild sense cums to my love talk it’s an unjust practice must dust off the whackness, trust me boo even an actress would be concerned with what you about to learn the facts be brisk on an inexact kiss thing, I been whack to this, this long circus could be for the wrong purpose but I’m blinging like BARNUM AND RINGLING let me train you be my dame boo don’t blame you for hesitating but your breasts are pulsating and creating vibes in my mind, my plan been used and like ISAAC HAYES I Stand accused of loving you too much and my true search is over girl
    Juice flow in your lace come on go to my place like TEDDY PENDERGRAS turn out the lights things get wet and tender fast can’t let the winter pass without having sex girl your lace win at my place from end to end, I come to anoint and at some point our lips will touch, hips are too much you got body shape for party sake I can hardly break away grip in surprise boo I’m hypnotize you a true Jeanie and I want to be WHODINI love and magic could be a club tragic I want lovey dovy powers after buying shrubby flowers we can get bubbly in the showers after a passionate kiss boo , not a fool or bum but the rule of thumb is we kiss on the first date I actually thirst for cake so I can’t vacate the premises as of yet so I cum with pride don’t have to thumb a ride because my car in parking lot sparkling hot on four dubs so I can roll up to hardcore clubs and let it all hang out talking slang on route to pull a phat chick and that’s the click I’m in finger licking like this chicken feel me? Because I can’t get enough of your funky wet stuff boo it’s like crazy glue yeah soon we both will have greasy lip and on a sleazy tip that’s all good, don’t need a dose of rejection I need close affection and boo I got protection I can use, so boo let’s do this give me a true kiss and set it off like QUEEN LATIVA give me an extreme fever with some tongue honey bun”

    his words strong and swift he hope she go along with his complex system of sex wisdom they’ll live in bed if she give the go ahead be in the crib misled jest going crazy on her thing getting a cake date is merely worth it his words nearly perfect, the wetness in her panties is a double order of troubled water she’s galore spoiled he wants to pour oil and lube her attitude get her in the phat mood for sex, even the dumb learn how to come to terms and adjust the dust on their love words, he really want some, situation elevating no doubt and he can’t straighten out his mind, has pride extreme but can’t decide between love and beauty he’s thinking about licking lace right there in the chicken place hormones kicking at the pace of FAST AND FURIOUS but it’s all begin feeble and like BEN DIESEL off to the races the girl got soft laces, so he greet this sweet with a loud applause the proud laws so sex don’t cover this, he wanna be her lover brisk no questions asked, she recognize that she have to protect her pies it’s a strange time to get a boy to change his mind so aggressive but impressive, he’s trapped and convinced if he rap in sequence he may pull this off need a girlfriend to make his world spin she can hurl men around her finger make them eat out her hand boy must have a unique plan coupled with some HIP HOP oh he really wanna lip lock, he’s having corrupt luck because she’s stuck up but she also strut butt and that’s his cup of tea, now on a thinking trip and like sinking ship ready to panic like the Titanic nothing romantic about that one, in order to stay afloat have to say dope stuff and hope that’s enough, he step into clubs then accept love without opposition it’s about the friction before a kiss like T-PAYNE he blamed on the liquor
    and things became bigger as the dame trigger his emotions, she felt she should’ve remained home his game too strong, he tried make her cake suitable for sex because she’s beautiful and vexed she’s had it with thugs and the static hugs too much dramatic love follows a kiss his rap stands but have to adapt plans for true romances and new circumstances because damp panties could put the clamp on candies a legit dame but don’t fit into his game

    Naw player my cake sweet but you need to take a seat your facts are collapsing while you in the act of grasping my waist trying to taste my tongue in this chicken place sprung and hung on love, you rapping oceans while your mouth move in a flapping motion got heat in my thing time for me to beat my wings and soar high into the sky like eagles on crack the legal act of nesting and resting in bed, you love my vibes and wanna rub my thighs because love occur without design got some doubt on my mind, my ears open to boy influence, some words unbutton my dress and all of sudden my breasts are poking out some boys be joking about that and be wanting to take me home If I make one mistake I’m gone I can hear it in the tone of their voices have to make strong choices about this, it’s that time of the day love lines could play a part, I think you want me to give you the green light so you can get cream tonight and make me scream right? Oh my lamp gleam bright in my bedroom, this is wild terror by means of trial and error your style is never accepted for bed work plus my head hurt but my bread alert like hot toast your plot roast my panties but I’ll survive this jive and my archive is looking real wet the deal is to get me in bed enough said this stuff has led me to just say no going loco with love talk flying in my wow a boy can beg especially in CHURCH’S fried chicken some have dies licking short thighs, hot tonight but not quite ready to do it oh screw it really time to leave, my body strange but sweet you change your technique feel like my body is all over your body, you wanna intervene become a winner of cream we could eat dinner and dream about sex, growing thirsty and knowing no mercy glowing like a Hershey this
    Is all chocolate, I’m true and fine so we two of a kind I bet you find me attractive and all the time active it’s a drastic call like basketball wanna do a layup with me huh? My thing is fast soup in the class or group with Campbell you soon the get a spoon and feast as the smell of my perfume increase and in the bedroom a beast name sex the music came next
    Wearing mad silk and that just add milk to sex boys wanna feast on my perfume and that
    Just increase the tune of loved talk my very flirt is literary work you wanna carry my skirt to bed huh? Some boys addicted to love and restricted in the club they really be wanting some one boy told me girl you walk fly and that caught my eye fought a guy to get here first have a sincere thirst for your body girl oh I couldn’t say anything I had so much stuff on my mind then, these facts are true but back to you I think you have a hot crave I can see the shock waves in your eyes you want more pies to fall from skies
    Love swept through my heart that help do a start on my romance story the brilliant chance is mandatory it behoove and love my mission but if I pull my dress up my breast get sucked, your home’s a fine place but you want wine and lace the way you’re raping to me just happen to be possible I have brisk cake and butter lets don’t mistake each other it could cause a great clutter in our conversation, I mean your plan is fun and nothing can be done I turn you down and play stuck up like them trees, oh patty cake for my baby’s daddy sake but getting a shabby break on child support after a wild court life be corrupt without a prenupt had to get a halo like J-LO because boys be after me had to hire a pit bull or they’ll git to pull down my panties and go crazy on my brown candies, now having that doe

    Lots of jazz I see but as for me except for a fine girl my mind in a world of chaos but done more than I ever did just a clever kid that’s horny right now boo, I’m concerned and hot learned a lot from rapping to chicks and stuff is happening quick my dew rag clean and magazines school me with quotes see that love make such fools of folks I need a tool and some bolts to tighten my game and be exciting to a dame, boo I need your body to proceed to party, anyone can have plenty of fun in bed if we go there and share our love
    Have renowned melody but we can’t compound a felony, look boo I have a Lex for sex keep them garage treasures in large measures camouflage my pleasures hide them with love words I’m lonely too if only you would give me a clear sign fear would decline from my mind boo I need a true cake date before it’s too late my hormones blowing up
    Hot and not knowing when to duck then end up begging for some and pledging a ton of my time having fun online with date services, not that I’m afraid my plot is to persuade you to do it with me boo, drink Hawaiian punch divine at lunchtime **** shame that champagne has a bubbly flow and Boones Farm doubly so but love can be an illusion a thug’s hug is a conclusion before knocking the boots he’s shocking cute with kisses girl you a queen tonight gone give me the green light let get this over and done we could have bolder fun in bed boo, want my plans to suit my purpose or this could be an absolute circus, get static and strife it’s a dramatic life I’ve had it with being nice need a slice of cake boo wanna take you home girl, look boo my plot is fast and like potash it’s content is acid, words went classic according to some girls, shook by Ebonics, hooked on the DELFONICS (didn’t I blow your mind this time didn’t I)? boo is it true me and you could be a complex lips plump red you should jump in bed wit my tongue while I try git some recognize girlfriend I wanna make your pies twirl and spin, the flames start at the main part of a love affair so let me rub your hair boo you’ve devastated my code compare to an elevated railroad my brain float in midair have to shoot up a flare to find my spot girl your4 kind is the hot pearl that keep me online a lot boo, my words travel true and down third avenue we travel on gravel and do the right thing while I’m wearing tight bling, would like to be SPIKE LEE wearing NIKE with JUNGLE FEVER meeting a humble diva, bigger surprise tonight is I want your pies right here, see my lamp is polarized light let the skies be bright and moonlit sniff your perfume a bit then get some, this can exist if I plan my kiss,
    these trouble Ebonics coupled with electronics is heavy and shoulder breaking
    overtaking the highly trained need a fiery dame with wiry frame not mistaken
    a sex technician on a complex mission, troubled by romance I then awaken
    wanna double my chance by taking you out, ready to faint over petty complaints
    your love potion slaughters like ocean water can only wish for fish and paints
    in order to draw mermaids on my wall but I’m afraid to call the wrong number
    gonna be a long summer, got luck galore and when we shut the door of the Hummer
    we be alone and I’ll have a love Jones for your body and skin tone love been
    strong for you boo, you’re hot and nice and that’s a lot in life not a sin
    to love, too late to get wet true cake so boo inflate my goal we can take
    a stroll in the park, you toast my heart for the most part lets date
    you sweet tall and ready hot like meatballs and spaghetti your flavor
    are exciting behavior igniting major affairs, so he writing whiles his pager?
    beeps, these words soften pies and you often sighs from you own body
    heat, so let me go get wine you show wet signs so let the divine party
    begin, write and address letter this impress the clever girls as their world
    is in wetness now get this love protect heart make direct remarks and hurl
    love talk to ears in the club walk sincere and ask for a dance because my
    task is romance when I speak to a sweet

    Oh he just embrace her waist wanna taste her lace she’s so wet down there juice around everywhere there’s proof he’s aware and it’s truth or dare he jest kissed her lips right in the CHURCH’S FRIED CHICKEN PLACE holly cow then he got her tongue he was so sprung and wanted some, she didn’t know what to say he held her tight wanted to have a swell night as the feeling grow strong listening to a slow song nothing can go wrong
    She’s was trapped in his renown arms couldn’t sound the alarm her panties soaked
    Plenty cake at any rate many boys take that to heart, but the stakes are high for cake and pie, he’s a sprung guy brain hung in the sky like airplanes on crack flames interact as the hormones rise and the girl shown vibes between her thighs where the cream flies, for him greed clarifies a need for a pair of pies not fair he tries so hard to get a little bit wanna fiddle wit it first then a burst of kisses, oh he jest kissed her lips again she jest pulled down her skirt because he wanted to do some groundwork on her thing her lips
    Got softer which offer insights into a sexual affair she was stumbling the kisses be cumming like never before forever he adore her beauty and his duty is to get her in bed spreads his love words misled her head she said boo let’s stop this but too late he wanted true cake and make no mistake headboards do break under pressure, oh she just pie and peach she try reply in speech this guy teach her some stuff, she trapped in love no escape with the cake, heart broke and forbidden let it be spoken or written he’s gonna wanna be licking something probably her lips and her chicken and dumpling what’s he gonna see
    Oh he jest continue on a menu to get her wet tongue in CHURCH’S FRIED CHICKEN
    He jest kept her lace in mind wanted to taste wine and didn’t waste time in getting thing really hot that’s his plot

    I’m a strange dame you should change lanes you’ve survived so far think you wanna drive my car get me in the backseat then come with facts sweet and expect me to give you some I don’t live dumb, in my panties are droplets of chocolate and CHURCH’S FRIED CHICKEN Hip Hop it with the music I listen and trip while you kissing my lips the facts are strong that back home like TREY SONGS you think you invented sex as a schoolmaster turns out you just a fool after my cake, if I open my thighs you see my smoking pies you’ll lose your mind every time, sometimes I wear black leather but my act is together you love my body and breasts especially around party guest it’s best you control your passion my skirt is just bold hardcore fashion, caring with wishes but your stirring kisses arouse my emotions already dowse lotion on my legs my thing stay ready and sweaty have to duck a lot because I’m struck by hot love words, in my body sexual fear swell I can hear a bell your words steer well right into a bedroom, strange and tricky thing change quickly guess I can model with cuties and make novels for movies, gee tall romances take care of all circumstances a wall of chances of this turning to a sex party with me in the middle and you wanting a little, best I flick my bic as a chick and jest leave because junk happens all the funk and rapping just make a girl crazy for a kiss and gravy do exist, boo you must have a place and purpose right now just a lace circus and you blinging like Barnum and Ringling, your rap stands so let’s adapt plans for true romances and new circumstances you’ll get a crew of chances to do what you do in my panties the juice collect and this produce an effect and still in America boys wanna fulfill the character of being a stud so I’m fleeing the club and at a standstill in CHURCH’S FRIED CHICKEN I still think you wanna do work up under my blue skirt now my thing at a true perk like some thrilling coffee you killing me softly like LAUREN HILL you try be deft like WYCLEF, I behave a certain way crave to be flirting everyday mini-skirting on display, alerting the prey that’s just straight up boys for real, ready to make a dope choice gitty up put a rope on a horse let the stud gallop through my scallops wanna anoint my stew I see your point of view so passion with words the fashion curves with my mini-skirt, as this boy prevail in quotes and like toy sailboats his word float in my ear but nope I don’t hear all of it doe, not gonna play actress or lay on the mattress you wanna make the mattress bob up and down and that involve going down town just because my lips brown and renown don’t mean my cream is easy to git you sleazy a bit to even think so, I think you wanna do a kiss through the mist outside and no doubt a brisk ride to bed, I got a cute waist and that suits your taste now you on an absolute pace for the bed oh brute thoughts race through your head which involves my thighs open on a bed, I’m a cup of cream you know what I mean a dame suspicious but you became ambitious and now want sex plus you wanna kiss after dark but you just missed the mark with your love talk clever and notorious and the weather is glorious got leather like HALE BERRY, so you wanna be a sex clerk that do complex work under my skirt huh? I think you wanna place my lace on a shelf and embrace my deft waist and then taste my lipstick so just face the music, under my panties pies are kept and when they cries for help boys cum running realize I slept with my thighs open pies smoking like crazy, jest

    choking gravy for boys, I think you wanna seize my lace and leave without a trace like Alex Baldwin hard to stay on planes and play games, yeah boo I got butter and lace but have to go to another place My breast fly I’ll testify to that, say you want tons of lace it’s to stay in one place think You wanna lay in the grace of sex, want cake galore but must wait before you get some Wet rum on the table a probable occurrence, wanna eat spinach in the park need to finish what you star, not POPEYE or a hot guy but you try for my pie wimp attempts diminish Got a true mind only two kinds of kisses a hot one and a slop one right now I’m getting A hot one with lots of fun I can’t go anywhere far as sex plenty there and now many stare at us as I thrust tongue all down your throat you use nouns in your quotes of love talk you’re doing your thing well and the bling is swell you cling to my waist, smell my perfume and so on plan to go home with me, don’t twist the hype learned to dislike how you kiss me tonight my body sweaty and soft but I’m ready to strut off hate to leave a guy high and dry but see you want pie could be the apple of my eye no lie, but don’t twist the hype I dislike that hot and convinced could be a lot of expense this boy got a plot with strength, girly stage at an early age jest a pearly page of sex to be read have to see ahead and duck traps could end up in the lap of a boy, and he’ll be begging for some and whispering in my ear jest to blistering to hear

    Have on a hot skirt and lots of work smooching leads to sex
    Boys make my pies spin and like wise men look in skies vexed
    Follow a star and swallow bizarre when tonguing some of this
    This guy stays on a highway begging for some his traffic list
    With brisk and graphic twist so it’s a green light and my cream is tight
    Horses graze while voices blaze my eardrum I try with all my might
    Not to hear none but some get through you be sprung holding my waist
    Wanna be rolling in lace if we end up kissing and strolling over to your place
    No telling what might happen for real it’s thrilling to get pies, beauty filling
    Your I’m willing to compromise so don’t try any sick tricks they be killing
    My vibes you best talk to JAY-Z and KENDRICK LMAR because boys
    Tell lies like crazy to get up in it at bars and stuff some bring sex toys
    Actually have to camouflage my dress jest to dodge that mess could cause
    Some large stress, boys get much satisfaction from such action have to pause
    Wanna twist my pie crust so I distrust them but really kiss so brisk
    Like Rice Crispies snap, crackle and pop, their raps tackle a lot
    Of girls on the spot rather strong words or not they all plot
    To get some, wanna take me to bed so you can break bread into
    Crumbs, it’s dumb to think otherwise you wanna butter my menu
    got class and fine but you got trash on your mind because you wanna
    pass time in bed, smell my perfume wanna dwell in my room not gonna
    flash you like Stacy Dash use to do and leave boys clueless boo how
    can we do this? A riot and strife wanna quiet life at the moment now
    must escape, fun in order, run water for an hour in the shower
    soap my breasts and hope for the best dissolve love needs power
    for a job in the club duck a lot or get struck by a hot kiss please believe
    me boys be at a girl’s lips she get her wet world flipped and really seized
    I’m so hot down there and it’s hard to party when you regard my body
    As a deft sex machine I have self-esteem on my shelf got magazines Bacardi
    My pride talks when I be on sidewalks use the library and like MARIAH CAREY
    Hear BOBBY WOMACK on the radio, opportunity in a community to marry
    You wanna wreck my cake and decorate the bed with body language a fairy
    May cum doe, face fiyah and friction must move to higher position than jest
    Here at Church’s Fried chicken, I drift and flirt you wanna lift my skirt I best
    Be swift and alert wants mess with my breasts have to jest duck or my breast
    Get sucked, you amaze with plan and I can’t raise my hand plays in the sand
    At the beach that’s where my stats reach their highest, I strive to win understand?
    But you wanna go to bed and dive in and plan to swim, my thing it’s so hot
    You desire cake because of the Fire we Make wow I really need to jest stop
    And talk to ALYSHA KEYES AND MAXWELL, your sneaky words makes me
    Feel like sleepy birds be sweaty and ready to fly away but I try stay and see
    What’s going down oh in my panties juice flowing all around, look about
    Shook no doubt my body hot like a cook out love talk is a crook route
    To the bedroom, I’m a cutie and all but this could be a booty call bold
    Attitude like SOUL FOOD really needs to talk with VIVICA FOX must hold
    Myself together or whatever but a clever way of thinking is needed told
    Never to be so quick to give in I’m sweaty and ready but naw, situation
    Set upright my thing so wet and tight he wanna have at it in a relation
    Oh he jest quickly kissed my lips again can’t win oh my! I must leave
    He looked at my breasts trust me they’re cleave I can barely breathe
    Visual today a crystal display because lots of bling involved
    You wanna cling to the job of getting me in bed and lock the doorknob
    Electronics and Ebonics can play a part must stay smart about all
    Of this, one tall kiss could set it off leave me wet and soft yall
    Extreme diva need to see QUEEN LATIVA if I’m gonna be Living
    Single and pivoting hot to mingle with boys jest toys like unforgiving
    You look at my hips quick and my lipstick reflect light have to check
    Myself facts on display but back in the day girls used digits to
    Amuse midgets like BUSHWICK BILL he was sick and ill real true
    In rap on a bizarre pace like SCARFACE, so boo I feel you
    See you strive to win and wanna dive in like TREY SONGZ
    Guess I’m a mermaid you prefer a parade in bed so ding dong
    Goes the doorbell wanna soar well above the rim and you love
    Them Tims, got ammunition and theme like a demolition
    Team, tradition seem to be hard in your pants some competition
    Is rough and your mission is scuffed want me in bed lips red
    So you can huff, puff and stuff all out going crazy head
    First you thirst for my wet thing, cake lubed rate improved so you
    Wanna kiss my lace at a brisk pace and twist my waist you’ll love to
    Get some huh? So boo in my panties wetness drips through that flip
    New pages in my mind it amazes my spine but it’s time to make trips
    Leave no stone unturned you want me so you can churn butter but not
    Today even though I’m hot in the worse way, wet dreams must stop
    sex has a bar code with a car load of kisses, Ebonics
    intimidation with atomic information that could ignite Ironic
    and blow up a girl’s do-nut, classified as a fast ride
    on wet stuff that boys can’t get enough of they collide
    with lips, emotions grow great as they try locate girls flow
    escalate into major codes want flavor in loads behavior grows
    like Bermuda grass run to the computer fast and find the dateline
    got cake on his mind hard for a girl to escape sometime
    as boys cum with vicious words consists of suspicious verbs
    thunder alone reaching ears undergone leaching so it’s absurd
    teaching me how to get hot and stay wet a lot with body curves
    one hug and love is used as a drug to relieve hominess for
    real, concerned but surprised learned to drive a car very ha! ha!
    arrived at the bar oh fa-la-la boys cum strong and hard a girl have
    to remain on guard ok player I’m out of here

    so she grabbed her chicken and ran wide awake he wanted inside her cake
    mini-skirt fine with an alert mind, dude wanna knock the boots it take
    attitude to kiss hot cutes oh he really wanted some, her hair an attraction
    she must prepare for action boys wants affairs with wet sexual satisfaction
    his charm is correct an alarm was in effect he almost got it right there
    in CHURCH’S FRIED CHICKEN there her heart was pounding aware
    of her surroundings must share the astounding emotion which leads to
    oceans of love and potions consists of hugs, she got enough kisses to lead a few
    as she sits in the car realized like a guitar the boys had played her strings
    as he displayed bling really wanted her thing was willing to cling
    to her waist, a tight grasp of her waist means he wanted to smash her lace
    right there in the chicken place oh he jest got her tongue no disgrace
    she drove off panties and clothes soft so hot she could’ve dosed off
    he wanted to take her home and lie close while her pie toast get tossed
    around the bed, she wouldn’t be able to do anything but kiss his lips
    he would’ve went crazy on her thing while yelling “oh baby boo you
    got some good stuff” she was so hot down there could barely drive home
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