Chief Elder Osiris : Being Black In This World Take a Concerted Divine Effort

Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
By Chief Elder Osiris

If you are Black and Afrikan Conscious it require an effort beyond the norm of most Black Folks who now reveal an acquired spirit from the oppressors of Black people, a spirit that prevent you from being Black with a love for Afrika and it is the spirit of the Afrikan Melting Pot Dwellers that express an attitudinal behavior that reveal to be right out from the mind of our oppressors, because those Black Folks who speak the Divine Truth about God, the Universe, the oppressors, the Afrikan Melting Pot Dwellers and thyself and you are guided by an inner presence of our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors and if not to be shared the Divine Truth, then Black people would have long ago disappeared from this world.

Those Black people carrying the Divine Truth and is sharing that Truth with the Black world, such a messenger can not, must not, and will not be detoured by egotistical Afrikan Americans, they who are sent by those people with a history of destroying the civilization of the Black Race, they having the Afrikan Melting Pot Dwellers to always be on the ready line to attempt to confuse the Honest Black people who know that the life they are living now, is not the life they desire to live and they are seeking for a Divine way of on this planet and not in heaven, so they are deser4ving to have the Divine Truth shared with them today.

Have you ever noticed the Afrikan Melting pot dwellers when they are exposed with the Divine truth about the oppressors and about them as well, they never offer anything of a profound mind in their rebuttal against the Divine Truth, what they do is end up reciting the lies that have been taught to them by the oppressors of Black People and is always attempting to appear to be be so intelligent about what white folks have taught to us about us and their God, so those of us in the know of the Divine Truth have no need to debate with a lie.

if in your presentation you can not present a creative thought about the topic under discussion, then what good will your information serve to the liberation of the Black Afrikan Nation, you always having a need to preface everything you say with what white folks have conditioned you to believe to be true, well the Divine Truth require for you to know its Truth, so you can not imitate the Divine Truth you must come with the original Divine Truth and it is that Truth that flow from the center of your Soul and needing a Divine Mind to receive that Truth, beloved.

Any so call Black Afrikan who boldly attempt to belittle the art of symbolic teaching, any so call Afrikan who attempt to demean the the knowledge and understanding of the spirit of both universe, such an Afrikan is an Afrikan Melting pot dweller who have placed all of their faith, hope, and belief in the very people who have their mind which is now being displayed by the Afrikan Melting pot dwellers and those Human Beings oppressors serve to be the lord and God of this evil and perverted world.

Show me an Afrikan that attempt to convince Black people in America by way of the middle passage that our eyes shall always be set upon America to be our place of resident and we must do all we can to convince white people that we are worthy of being in their presence and have no limit to what we will do to prove our conversion is of our will alone and I will show you the reason why Afrika is in its present condition and why the Black Afrikan Nation is in the present condition it is in today, a condition that say that my Black afrikan worth is nothing without being in the presence of close proximity to the people with a history of oppressing Black Afrikan People and it is that Afrikan that debate the want to be a Melting pot dweller and equate such a relationship to represent justice and freedom for Black People who is not worthy to be Black and Afrikan.

Such an Afrikan Melting pot dweller is not worth the Time of those Black Afrikans in America who have never lost sight of Afrika and what the world would be like when the Black Nation is reunited again, our past teach us what to see when Afrika is Afrika again and Black people are proud united Afrikans again, there will be no more ego, envy, and jealousy to cloud the Black Divine Afrikan Mind, all Black Afrikans with the knowledge of the Divine Essence, the Universe, and the destroyer of Afrikan civilization, will be revolving in the center of their Divinity with the keeper of that Divine gate being the Black Afrikan Divine Mind.

So it is the Afrikan Melting pot dwellers who when confronted with the Divine Truth, appoint themselves to be Juge and prosecutor of information that is not understood by them, so they have to attempt to make themselves look important and well taught by the devil himself as they attempt to critique a quality of Truth that have long escaped and do not dwell in the Human Being Mind, which is wht the Afrikan American Melting pot dwellers effort is being made to challenge a quality of Truth the Human Being Mind have not prepared the Afrikan Melting pot dwellers for, so you end up revealing how much you do not know in an attempt to show what you have been taught by a liar and deceiver of Black People.

So yes, it ain't easy being Black and Afrikan in the midst of the Afrikan Melting pot dwellers and the master deceiver, they now being the Black Afrikan American Melting Pot Dwellers.

Can You Understand That, Beloved?

Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

Chief Elder
Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement


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