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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    After listening to Mr. Johnson today, I now know with clarity what my poppa meant about Uncle Tom and it seem as if Hillary is revealing the obvious about some of us and the Closet Uncle Toms during this Primary election for President.

    Let me say this before I begin on the Subject of this Missive, there should be a Secret Order before whom all open and blatant Negro Uncle Toms should be made to give an accounting for their uncle Tom Action, maybe that way, Black so call Afrikans without self Respect nor Dignity would not feel so comfortable in disrespecting and dishonoring our Sacred Blackness.

    No, I am not all of that enthusiastic over Barack Obama, but when the Choice is between a Black Man with a Black Father and a White Mother as oppose to a White Woman with a White Father and Mother, then the choice should be without a Doubt coming from Black People for Obama.

    Now, this has nothing to do with who it will be that will Free and bring Divine Justice and Freedom of Choice of opportunity to Black so call Afrikans In America U. S., that privilege will remain in the caste that it is in for us so call Afrikan Americans, this presidential election with Barack as a Candidate and having White Folks more excited over his Candidacy, give Black people the opportunity to tell White America Politics where to go and that Black People are not going to be sold to the Powerful elites, as our Enslaved Ancestors were sold many of them, into Chattel Slavery and I Think at some point of the Uncle Toms activity, they need to be called into question and if Arrogant in their response, then Oh Well.

    Beloved, when will Black People put it upon ourselves to place the Divine Value back to our Blackness and stop following white Folks lead in placing us Black People with a Devalue importance, a Level that carry no Honor, Pride, nor Self Respect to Black People, just the devaluation that call for the continue to scratch when there is no itch and to Buck Dance when there is no Music of Black Dignity being played.

    In today World Society it does not cost anything of value to be Black and ignorant, and we can have more money we have ever had in our present day Life, and still carry a devaluation of the Blackness to those uncle Toms that are in possession of it, you can not convince me that today Black people have a Conscious with a Value of Divine Self Awareness, because if you tried, then I would invite you to observe the status of the Black World in the World of the Human Being.

    The so call Negro Afrikan American intellectual and this Virus spread into Afrika, the Virus being that which cause the so call intellectual Afrikan to make the statement, there is no such thing as Race and I say, if White Folks so decree that there is such a Thing then you find yourselves saying show is Master, just as we have done, and now that White Folks decree that there is no such Thing as Race, now you have those same devalue Negro Uncle Toms, saying, Master say that Race is an illusion and now you so call Afrikan sporting your Human Being Intellect, now voice the sentiment of the White Elite concerning the denouncement of Race as a viable Social Construct to distinguish between Ethnic groups differences.

    Today, because of the well confused Black Being, Look around in the World and you find out that Black People carry no Independent Value in the World today and it is all because the Likes of a Bob Johnson, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and all of those other Negroes Preachers and Professionals parading around to be your black Spokesman, they do bring down the value of our Blackness every time that they open their Mouth and the sad part about it is that the so call Black Nationalist Pan- Afrikan, just sit around on our Behind organizing Meaningless Conferences without having the intention of ever implementing not one **** Thing that will bring back the Value of our Blackness.

    Yes, Barack will not be able to do no more than Bush has done for your Black Behind if he is elected and neither will Hillary as well, but you can begin to bring back some value to our Blackness if all Black Folks had a Divine awareness concerning the Divine value of our Blackness, so here is that Day that you are now witnessing your so call intellectual Negroes Leaders, split over whether to vote for a Black Man that White Folks approve of over a White Woman that Uncle Tom Negroes is Bounded to be approving of, can you understand That ?

    Is This Divine Truth A Threat To America National Security, I Think not, because all I desire is our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and our Passageway Back To Our Enslaved Ancestors Home Land, Afrika, We Returning To Become The Next Established State n Afrika, such A Move will in Fact give us back our Independent Value as a Black Nation again, after all is said and done by us in Afrika.

    The Talk Is About Obama Youthful confessed Discretion, America Has Yet To Atone For Her Youthful Discretion Of Chattel Slavery, Yet America Has Made It To Be Taboo To Openly Discuss Their Evil Action Of Enslaving Our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors And Labeling Them as Chattel, What a Hypocrite Bob Johnson is.

    You who are on the verge of reclaiming your Divine Mind, Then Understand What Has Just Been Shared With you, Absent Of Ego, Envy and Jealousy, All which is Full Of Selfish Vanity..

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you

    Chief Elder
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