Chief Elder Osiris : Being Black And Afrikan Show Aint Easy

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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved sisters and Brothers:

    Oh my dear beloved Black Afrikan, my love for you is no flute, there is no
    pretending in my Love for the Black Afrikan, it is as pure as the energy of
    that ONE AND INFINITE FORCE WE CALL GOD, because out of it does my Love for
    Afrika and the Black Afrikan flow unabated.

    My patience with the Black Afrikan is as long and as powerful as that which
    mold it, for it is the envy of all virtue.

    Beloved, being Black and Afrikan in the present condition of this world
    today, show aint easy, but **** well necessary.

    Black Afrikan Womb-Gender and Man, what you see of yourself today is not
    your True real self and our problem is, we have adopted a behavior about
    ourselves based on what we believe we see of our Black Afrikan selves, and
    you don't know, we are what we Think and what we believe interrupt the
    purity of Thought.

    Beloved, Afrika and the Black Afrikans will remain in a state of mental
    misery, as long as we conduct our lives based on what we believe and not
    Think, and because we have become to allow belief to take precedent over our
    Thoughts, being Black And Afrikan today show aint easy.

    So you may ask, how can we once again make being Black and Afrikan to be
    easy and I say my beloved, reclaim your Black Afrikan Mind and the way to do
    that is to reject all that this devilish white man has taught you about
    yourself, which is the information you now use to determine who we Black
    Afrikans really are not, but yet act upon it as if we are, and the result we
    get from acting on such information, coming from this devilish white man, is
    what you now see of the Black Afrikan attitude and behavior toward our Black
    Afrikan selves.

    So no my beloved Black Afrikan, being Black and Afrikan show aint easy,
    because we believe in and we act on the false information given to us about
    our Black Afrikan selves, which come from a source that have made it plain
    that the intention of that source is to continue to oppress and disrespect
    the Black Afrikan, and to just take at will, the bowls of Mother Afrika,
    without resentment or prevention coming from the make shift Black Afrikan

    Come, Come with me for a moment my dear beloved Black Afrikans and allow me
    to show to you who you once were, before our Fall from the highest pinnacle
    of pure knowledge about all that occupy the Universe, yes my beloved, that
    include the Black Afrikan as well.

    Beloved, in order for you to know what I am about to show you about your
    Black Afrikan selves, you must leave all presence of the physical and that
    mean you must allow your thoughts which must be generated from the Spiritual
    action of our thoughtful mind Eye to serve as the vehicle that will take you
    on a journey into our Black Afrikan past, there where the Truth and Reality
    about our Black Afrikan selves reside and it is there where you will see who
    you really are.

    Look, look my dear Black Afrikans, see your Ancestors as they once sit upon
    the thrown of perfect knowledge, see the Sahara as she once was, bursting
    with the savanna of Life and yes there we are, not in loin cloth hanging
    between our legs, with a make shift spear in our hand, but with the
    knowledge of the power of the crystal, knowing every Grid point on the face
    of mother Earth, aware of all of the Vortexes that serve as highways into
    the various worlds of other Universes.

    Yes, Yes my dear beloved, look and see with your Soul eye, your Ancestors as
    they interact with people of other worlds, know how to have
    intimate-relationships with the Elements, which fuel their Soul Thoughtful
    mind with information that enable them to create the highest form of
    Civilization ever known to Intelligent beings on this planet.

    Yes, Yes my dear beloved, there was a Time when your Thoughts were your
    command and they came to be made to be so.

    Our Black Afrikan Ancestors were able to talk long distance without the lies
    about Alexander Bell telephone, travel at will, without the aid of a BMW and
    yes they wore the best of cloth and enjoyed the finest of music, which
    pleased the Soul Thoughtful mind, which put them in a Spirit of godliness,
    so truly my dear beloved, you really were once the Spirit of gods.

    So knowing such knowledge about our Black Afrikan selves qualify me in being
    able to say to you my dear beloved, being Black and Afrikan today, show aint
    easy and only a few of us are striving to be as such today, Black and
    Afrikan I speak of.

    Oh yes my dear beloved, I could go on and on, telling us about the Truth and
    Realness about our Black Afrikan selves, but I will stop here, as I shall
    continue to remind you, since our Fall and the Migration began, being Black
    and Afrikan show aint easy, but is possible, if we only attempt to reclaim
    our Black Afrikan Mind once again.

    Beloved, A Black Afrikan Retreat is In Order, Such is required Of you If you
    are Ever to see clear again, Using your Black Afrikan Mind.

    It Is Time to condemn The Lie and elevate the truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble (with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    Afrika, Once The diamond Of The World, Now she has been cut Unevenly And Now
    the World suffer From Such an Error!!! ( OSIRIS )


    It Is The Black Fool That Say, I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( OSIRIS )

    UP! UP! You Mighty Race You Can Accomplish What You WILL!!! ( GARVEY )

    All Praise To That Black Afrikan Prophet, The Honorable Marcus Garvey!!!

    Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation.


    Chief Elder
    Hierophant, Afrikan spiritualist, Political Revolutionary

    Nation Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement

    Author Of Two Controversial books, Title:

    1. Lies about god

    2. My God The Creator

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