Black Poetry : BEING ABOUT IT YO

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    If knowledge was free
    I’ll get a college degree
    Not accustom to hard work
    Trust I’m not a retard or jerk
    Need help with rent
    in order to represent
    the working man being broke
    got me fleeing with coke
    to make a drug sale
    A thug must prevail
    that’s a vicious love tale
    on the streets so hale
    To survival, vision the gospel
    as a true Missions Impossible
    won’t fail like Tom Cruise
    in the FIRM I storm crew
    pick out a FEW GOOD MEN
    sick clout cause new moods to spins
    attention to duty Load my head
    become Colonel JESSUP issue a code red
    **** RIGHT I DID like Jack
    Nicholson and Demi Moore a good act
    One flew over a koo koo nest that true
    Mess was crazy let the psych ward bless you //
    Hard to survive in this so call new school
    It’s a few rules affect folks and my crew not cool
    Have to correct my quotes and refuel prepare to duel