Black Poetry : Being A Silent Multimillionaire (will make you look crazy)

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    "Cause you thought you could see me...."

    paid myself the attention
    i am deserved
    by my Empire
    i give much props
    to my Great Grandmutha
    i can still hear her say to us all knee high
    "Mind Your Own Business"
    true indeed we will Ancestor this is do or die
    cause i got land through branches of family members
    big time corporations trying to separate parcels of land
    where i was born to be raised up
    ain't no way you gon blindside me sho'nuff
    i am wiser plus intelligent
    you can feel my spiritual essence be the tremendous enraging strength for my gorilla tough
    plus i ain't king kong neither
    and never a rapper
    nor a sucker
    yes a Maya Angelou student to a hater's presence
    like Makaveli out Harriet Tubman's chamber of discernment
    no time for pause
    i got my niece who is an Aquarius
    and a little female cousin who is a Libra
    everywhere i breeze
    as that Gemini they wanna be taught how to gust through obstacles
    a pilot inside his seat
    flight three got us three bobbing our heads in control
    three airheads on a mission
    i make the magickal illusion as a protection in reality from the constant ruthless
    open doors of opportunities for the A
    well you know she gon bust highly intelligently str8 them thru em
    while L sit back to judge who is down and who is not
    and so you see my legacy gon continue a steady line of our truth
    of all ways without a dot
    upcoming is a homecoming party
    got my deejay's ear who is a favorite from my neck of the woods
    who is also my cousin
    the planning don't stop
    and neither do me and Hannibal Barca's weather
    so me Edo Cherokee and Cherokee Bill amount due parachuting down below
    cause no-one never knew
    he got the orange guns
    i got my ink of hues
    i got skills to be put to use
    that means business over weak
    you can hear the elephant's speech
    this is real life accomplishments
    staying in my own zone to be honest
    water to my cells
    i feel fine and hail
    oh well
    how deep can i go?
    i wish to flow so deeply until opening sees me
    up and outtie explosion as the wetter dripping life
    splashes out of control
    pure and not gold
    i need rubies and emeralds
    and real black diamonds to be exact
    plus cowrie shells and etc
    just reminding myself about the Reserves
    you can decide if you want an Option
    like if you got a Barca then by all means exchange
    cause on the back of that currency note
    will say exactly what you can exchange for
    i got higher ideals
    working smarter plus harder like night mare within physics
    turned on per every gallop pushing my greater will forth coming from the pull
    being a silent multimillionare by year 2020
    a divine focus
    living in a small house
    though owning plenty of houses
    put the deeds inside my safe of the Reserves
    just in case an intelligent being want to buy an Option
    nevermind my dynastic mindset
    take a hit of this funk obstacles
    i'm on my way getting my lawyer right
    making sure i screen them all real tight
    before choosing one to deal with
    it is strictly real deal business
    along with the correct suitable insurance
    until i make my own
    but back back
    like i said i got family members who got skills in farming
    besides me
    stockpile what we want and truly need
    equipment and tools
    solar power panels refrigerating and freezing certain foods and liquids
    head rocking i'm going harder all the way for this exquisite experience
    and roadblock you can't touch this
    this is all about my bliss
    don't make me come out the air with a twist
    brainstorming counting ticks on my wrist
    my mindset is focused on set'tripping and you know i don't miss
    reconnaissance over incarceration
    return on investment
    plus return of interest
    like a logo drawn for me by the great artistic homie i found
    paid him two hundred dollars
    plus he got half of the patent cost per year as the royalty
    plus if i sell 20 tee shirts
    he get one percent per shirt sold
    as apart of that royalty collective amount
    he smiled and said you my never ignorant getting goals accomplished no doubt
    and im like ugh
    i really don't care about fear
    i can freak a cop out by rolling ten deep of a convoy without no clout
    all about power of the like mindsets conducting business from county to country
    don't trip cause i already went when my fellow racist said go busted bottom lip oh no...
    i don't go by a color my bloodline told me i am Cherokee and Edo and so now you know
    like i said there will be no unity
    cause most are uneducated of them ownselves so i ain't you-related
    this is Young Ancestor times
    im picturing peach fields
    kale and cabbage
    while sipping on my own purple bullets and berrier grape sweet wet wine
    make them sausages for them ole heads
    keep the foods producing from each harvest on our own homestead
    nope yours won't get fed
    this is all tree top
    no need to bump ugly knees or your sticky faders when hips hop
    put yo hands in the air busters
    don't bust no guns around here
    yo it's my children around here
    happy as funk around here
    i knew you heard me clearly for your next yesteryears
    i sport Vodun for every purpose
    and it's on like that per every potential foe who cursed in
    to never seek help cause my redesigned hotel got em all comfortably locked in...
    put the signs on the doorknob to let em know you all busy
    and come back with your credit cards i purchased with my own monies will and is a fact
    straight prophecy like that
    when you ain't got nothing else to do
    but minding your own business
    instead of catching the flu
    sick and tired
    hopeless and barbwired
    i bet you caught the cold too
    fool youza fool
    turn your back and watch me stab you
    you must be a character from the imprison celled
    cause i ain't down with homosexuality
    neither am i down with hypercuntcity
    nor hypocrisy
    or a dictator
    lets get down on a sweet potato
    split in the middle with olive oil
    no butter on mine
    and you can buy butter from me
    someday you will see real soon
    your favorite milk in glass bottles delivered
    but hold up....
    once again it is the one and two
    family farming when driving commercial trucks
    and when driving commercial trucks my delivery business makes ten thousands per every month
    got my mind focused on throwing a party every month
    give me the cash
    employ writers to write books based on my growing business
    as a major conglomerate non-married spiritual being who rose to a higher essential experience i like that
    no as a mind of fact i love you the last grandma i got
    cause when i go back to the united kingdom to setup shop
    i want the pounds and euros working my hand compiling knots
    getting smarter with an worm intellect
    wiggling my intelligence out and in during the rain
    i see them birdies swooping
    wetted up
    looking foul
    oooo what a shame
    then my kitty came thru
    talking meows while my dog boos
    oh shut up and take that snooze
    or quack like a quacker
    well hiss you too you sly jive turkey chicken juiced non-factor...
    give me the knife
    i want the white meat tonight
    throw that dark stuff in the bucket over there
    use it for my own thanksgiving i swear
    stuff them moufs with cranberry sauce speak now
    yo jaws all puffed out
    the throat is poked
    heartbeat is livid
    bellybutton acting timid
    when undercovers you better breakfast
    as soon as the morning hits you wake!
    being a silent multimillionaire means moving in silence without a recognizable face
    trey cinco de mayo
    in my rite hand are all Queens and Empresses with their suspicious smiling face...
    put my cards down before leaving the table with my Edo Cherokee baseball cap on
    the other players asked
    yo god now what is up with no dap?
    i said my cards are lethal to my foes they don't wanna mess with that it is a fact
    so they picked up my rite hand off the table to see all meanmuggs of their hardest available
    known players frighten and terrified
    as my silky black cat jumped in my chair to say boo with his deep moon yellow eyes
    i heard the scatters emptied vacant room my supersonic sound goes boom!
    vroom vroom on my 1982 motorcycle be that positive devil dared declared
    Ahhhh geah...
    being a silent multimillionaire(echoing)....

    "but now you know you can't don't faint just think...."