Black Spirituality Religion : Being a Preacher or Prime Minister

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    Once the experience and knowledge is known, you travel deeper within yourself to make sure the purpose is clear. Will i come back by doing the right mind and left mind combined? Nope. Will it be against my will? Nope. If you was written to do "your" purpose then nobody can weigh judgement on you or anybody for you were written as them. Can they be their God or Goddess worshipped? Nope. So how can they dictate to rumor and slash down on me? Jealousy and envy are mainly the emotional distraught upon all hearts who do not know thyself. Check this...i have read most of the holy texts from front to back to understand religions of them all to an extent that all is quite circular indeed. You want find a Buddhist worshipping Jesus or the politically correct yashua or any other god GOD God to female form of it also. All are warmongers outer though perceived to themselves as peacemakers inner within sects to cults. What is faith? I have my definition clearly is the belief that i can do all things once myself is known to apply righteousness with purpose to its highest degree. Do i have to "pronouce and say a name to be down and right by their traditional laws"? Nope. I am free to do as i please as long it is in accordance with a higher calling. Will they understand yours? Nope. Will i get into the diffusion of this and that of words? Nope. They believe in what they believe to keep confusion and war at bay and peace returned safely in the hands of all. Check this plan out....

    Temple or Church of Spirituality (meaning the way of your life as you walk)

    Service Times: Saturday Revival 4pm-6pm; Sunday 9am-1pm (including Sermon of Wisdom

    School Times: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm; Babysitting 6pm-7am (only by appointments)

    Goals: If every member could contribute or donate $20 dollars per saturday and sunday we can pay taxes and utility bills in advance on the dwelling, buy homes in poor neighborhoods via city auction and etc. for cheap to rebuild for members at-risk first, buy land for the congregation so all children and people get fed rightfully theirs, explore other territories oversees to acquire business for the at-risk members in the congregation for monetary gain and expansion to the needy and/or homeless. Schools of certifications would be established to aid the higher purpose of older children aka Prince and Princess in their path to true freedom deserved without accruing unneeded debt from colleges. Life is simple as i found it out to be food, water and shelter. Be your own doctor and etc of what it takes to go forth in life as a family. All occupations of life can be achieved through the use of knowing multiple languages fluently and of course access to libraries. And when one feels like writing then let he and she write about their experiences and knowledge so our own library gets created and grows. This could be started with degree holders already from the congregation but not everybody thinks like this or like that feel what i'm saying? okay. Now will get shot down for this? Maybe and maybe not depending on the KKK and Conservative Citizens Council plus your own backstabbers and spirits unknown. It becomes deadly going against the norms of zombie society. Next.

    More goals and Non-goals: I wouldn't get rich scheme. I would have my own business or ask the congregation after each month's total sum how much should i receive though after showing them all every week of how much we have acquired to get moving to wouldn't be any room left to pay me so i got it all figured out basically. Plus money has to build in the bank in order to start our own or just collect ours in a safe in order to start our own credit union.

    What I will do: Not preach from a book. Straight up. I will maneuver the people according to how it is written and can nobody tell me this is not righteous enough as all in the past have tried but not underground without commercial involvement. This is not a movement to be out here loud and so and so. More children will be born to replace "us" who will be going going going gone. So guess what? Being a domestic threat is null and void. Now will people slander me down cause i forgot about them when they was laughing at me like this was high school and trying to dominate me? Yes, and they will continue for they do not care but i already have a non-profit certified. I am real and they are unreal in my eyes. I know better and my great grandma didn't heal and raise no fool either. Geah.

    Example of how much can get done:

    100 member assembly donated at least $40 dollars ( on Sat and Sun though not including other services) every week = $4,000; so every month = $16,000; so every year = $192,000; now if we can't get land and buy homes for cheap and keep Queen Tubman, Nzinga and Nefertiti's philosophies going then i'm blind. Reason for babysitting is to increase the parents chances of mending a home with two parents to include counseling by your favorite Prime Minister--Me as I. Yes i love solving problems in this area!!! It's my job or one of them naturally. Now also the reason for babysitting is to increase a job opportunity for the parents too so money is constantly flowing in for them as well as community to be developed overtime as One. This is the true meaning of community development. I been thinking about this for a long time for like since i was a baby though sometime i use to get caught up in my personal escape to leave everybody behind and not doing this cause of the hopelessness but i got my grips back for the last and final ride cause i'm not coming back on earth or any other planet. You gotta be crazy for real. No joke. Word. The school within the church will be of many subjects to flourish us as self-made meaning producing our own jobs naturally to include requiring imports and exports. Skills will be needed and so some of the monies will be dedicated to helping the members of the congregation attaining those skills based on their inner gifts and talents. We do not want or need to force anyone to do anything they do not want or need to do. We are real. End of example.

    Music: Our music will be in the forms of "Healing music" and soothing instrumentals...spiritual music all people can feel and not just a religious type of people, nope. We will reach out to out without suspect of war and cult. We all about business and economics as your inner expression of the world will ring louder without wrong egotism as wisdom speaks volumes to silence ignorance. I have traveled across the world and found that even the most religious people enjoy a music they can feel that is of sound healing yet not against their belief system. This is not a trick or whatever you might be thinking. This is a righteous effort overdue and needed cause eyes do not lie when your people are still dying, imprisoned, raped, brainwashed, hopeless, and subject to extreme physical slavery again if someone do not step up to be right minded. It will be a combination of male and female choir as one of all ages...done sat in enough choir practices and all that stuff for like years so it's natural as my music background. Now on another note it would be nice to bring the meeting of the choirs back and the food cause i be loving the food!!! Just saying sometimes people have recipes that are extremely great and nourishing and they should bring it on. Yup. Sho should.

    Schools: Subjects from math to science, arts of all kinds to include martial arts and etc., trades and literary forms. Mostly solar power and or green type trades. Would love a lawyer or two to include a surgeon, dentist, and optometrist though all of these have counterparts in the natural fields without degrees as certifications and you will see a list of them in the back of the book. Thanks for checking out the plan in this book and the first book. I will have a book with nothing but plans of business and economics for south carolina people like us hopefully in a month. I really enjoy doing my job and it pays spiritually!!! Go Blackhawks!!!!

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