Black Poetry : Behind the Sun

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    ****, why you gotta be all up in my sh*t?
    belly of the sun
    "I am a dreamer of dreams..."
    Nikki Giovanni

    can you dream dreams?
    I mean, can you slide your body
    underneath fantasia fabrics &
    relax the visions of real life until
    imagination is born?

    Dreamer of,
    soldier of souls, maker of music
    everytime your smile shows feel me, black?
    I mean, my spirit is as tangible
    as love making & hair caresses, I need you
    to feel me. We don't touch no more
    ...people, we don't touch anymore,
    antiseptic tongues dripping with sterile language,
    vernacular empty, needing its hope/fuselage filled until
    our skins radiate with respite from the
    recluse attitudes we sooth ourselves with inside

    Teller of tales, orator of oscilating genius,
    god amongst the godless dream dreams, don't you?
    Not dreams of striking lotto numbers but
    jamming formulas together & announcing that an
    equation for using sunlight to end starvation
    has been created.

    Can you be God?
    I mean, can you envision a better world and
    make it so?
    I don't mean building rec centers and
    voting along party lines
    ...this is about being a denizen of dreams,
    ambassador of the new hope order, meeting
    in the maison behind the sun & politic ways to
    bring the infinity of the universe to Earth.

    Dreamer of dreams, pilot of the ferris wheel that
    circulates inside chakra points, astromner of constellations
    drawing the painting of enticing sights, making
    nomads of the Sahara look up at night and chant smiles,
    wathcing them ride incense smoke to Orion and beyond.
    ...all the while, our potential for becoming ethereal
    tries to hide behind the dense decadence
    of our possibilities' childhood,
    peter pan in our growth, walking slave ships wandering,
    disgusted with the choice of landing onto
    chattel land or drowning in the
    triangular abyss of faithlessness, hopelessness,
    and loneliness.

    can you dream dreams?
    I mean, can you echo humanity's sentiment
    and manifest it into a siren of serenity
    that appeases the uneasiness we all contain?
    Silence is cleared land, space, demanding for an
    idea to be planted in it.
    ...speak of your dreams,
    and let's be godly together.

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    very well posed da dream