Black Poetry : Begin with a plan and had to lend a hand to friend a HIPHOP fan see a girl name Sally from town and


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May 11, 2006
Begin with a plan
and had to lend a hand
to friend a HIPHOP fan
see a girl name Sally from town
and guess what boys rally around
hoping to bless
her poking breasts
the milk is there
tell by the silk she wear
so tonight she's hot
and in a tight spot
wearing a mini-dress
boys stare at plenty breasts
she's a KOREAN CHICK yes
staring and would stop
but could not
help but want some
can't break the habit
now make a note in my tablet
“So girl let me holler
you seem to be a wet scholar
can even go to ice cream parlor
even dream of being a barber
like ICE CUBE, love is wise
and a kiss subsidize
a relationship pies
is a part of it emotions multiplies
so don't start to twist it
this stuff is ballistic
and haters are like spark plugs
no fire
and show no desire
to write should hire
someone it require
skills to build an
imagination so plan
ahead, this is black hip-hop
IN Virginia beach got flip flops
on my feet, the sweat drip drop
from my forehead
hard to ignore the bed
so I'm at a big store instead
snatch me a map quick
get ready to rap to a chick
“so boo you KOREAN and we here
in VIRGINIA BEACH and it's clear
that you are fine here at HOME
DEPOT and I've shown to be pro”
look I reached the club
try and teach love
but they bleached rug
with dance steps
and romance swept
roof and set it aflame
so boo the roof on fire”
“OK PLAYER I roam in a skirt
Make boys dome perk
but like homework
this could be an essay
on a good blessed day
they wanna test me no way
one boy really tried to get some
had me against the wall
it makes no since yall
to get a girl this hot
and we kissed a lot
but my dress was down
nipples on my breasts round
had his arms around my waist
no alarm in this place
my thing so wet and soft
it could set it off
and yet be like DIANNA ROSS
be a lady that sings the blues
or be supreme
with my cream
so we in the back of Walgreen
and for fact things get all extreme
this is like a tall dream
oh I couldn't pushy him away
and my thing is so gushy today
oh he jest kissed my lips right
behind Walgreen
and all seen
my hormones ignite
a cell phone appetite
for love talk and rap right
a KOREAN CHICK simply nice
with flavor like kimchi and rice
KOREAN GIRL go through a lot
in VIRGINIA BEACH panties blue and hot
oh they wet
guess I'm a playette
attempts fill my mind about crunk
tickle and confused
but vehicles use
this road
a brisk load
on a dump truck
passes I have funk for luck
hot no doubt
need to plot a route
like navigators on ships
and become creators of script
that float on water
while the quotes slaughters
fish, I'm up in here
it appear with a clear steer
to sex, oh KOREAN girls see
things and it be bling that free-
ly hang around a boy's neck while
he toy and wreck my thing in style
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May 11, 2006
he toy and wreck my thing in style
he's tall and lean
right here at Walgreen
and my thing is all cream
my body get to steam
when I have a wet dream
oh gosh he jest kissed my lips
my mind reminisce and trips
then he jest got my tongue
I was moving my thing around
“aw girlfriend please calm down
you gonna make me break these bricks
getting some” got me on my knees quick
to beg for some boo, oh KOREAN GIRLS
go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH
and give beauty to the living room while
giving bloom to design just SEOUL style
all my scripts legit
never been a dishonest hypocrite
only a clean act
so I leaned back
against the wall
just convince yall
I'm not hot but adorn
thing butter like popcorn
oh he jest got my tongue again
he was so sprung I couldn't win
this is jest breasts and pudding to men
it's funny but I shouldn't grin
thought my panties drop
don't gossip with complete strangers
have a chance to speak dangers
that's dumb and whack and it
may comeback to haunt you wit
additional burdens but I'm legit
when I'm mini-skirting just can't quit


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May 11, 2006
when I'm mini-skirting just can't quit
my lace could get hurl
this is no place for a girl
boys first on the scene
because they thirst for cream
my body immerse in a stream
it feels so wet down there
take deft showers
and left flowers
at the sex scene
got complex cream
for you to smash
and splash the car dash”
“OK BOO the burden of my views
just maybe hurting crews
while working on news
teams with today's blues
it seem habit forming
as love words from cabinet storming
and love itself like bees swarming
your sweaty oriental thighs and
sentimental pies make me hold your hand
really have to be a bold man
to get some, you be that hot chick
with the chop sticks so stop quick
with the stunting boo no fronting
so you go to stores boys be hunting
well anyway I left so much for this



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May 11, 2006
He gamble bold
and handle and hold
card decks
and at bars wreck
glasses of wine
and this passes time
slow like molasses not a crime
he trap rhythm
with rap mechanism

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