Black History : Before Slavery

"...Black History was "created" not as a historical account, yet rather as a fictional tale to describe the injustices of slavery on paper in black and white, in order to replace the identity of one group of people with another. The story was then transferred to the character, which fit the role most in visual action. This is called concealing coloration..."

In other words black history was created to give you a false identity by removing your true identity as an indigenous person of America and replacing your identity with the false one as a non-indigenous person. You don't even have to go very far to guess which group came up with this crafty plan: the same group that created the NAACP! Here it is 2024 and this same group will never upgrade and remove "colored people" from its acronym. This is why indigenous people should never support that racist organization. Period!

Say it loud - I am black and I am proud was popularized by James Brown. ?Really? Obviously, he like Messy Jessie did not understand the negative implication of being called African American or Black. You are not a citizen of both countries and your sure as hail ain’t black. You are different hues of the color brown. Period!

The Revisionist version - The American Civil War was the culmination of the struggle between the advocates and opponents of slavery that dated from the founding of the United States.

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After Slavery - - - “…Less than 1/10 of the 1% of the black population was African borne…”


The real cause of the civil war was basically about:

(1) how the government was going to be run
(2) the freedoms of what people could and could not do (eg. the hidden message here is "...what WE could and could not do..."

The Role of Government has always been about governing:


The real reason that started the civil war had nothing to do with slavery what so ever.

Confederates state had the jobs, the land, and the product. The Union states did not.

Back then many were out here working for little or nothing. There were melaninates who owned slaves as well as whites who owned melaninates. Nothing has changed really: Employers vs. Employees —working for someone else. Which means slavery still exists with blacks still on the bottom.

The whites could not could complete with the work being done by the melaninated people.

It was about status not skin complexion.


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