Chief Elder Osiris : Before Moseaic Law And The Coming Of The Christ, Where Was Afrika ?

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Yes, Yes, Yes, Beloved. What I am about to say, will not sit to well with
    many Afrikans and this is not to imply that the other things I say does, but
    this Time I am compelled to enlighten and hold up the Truth above sentiment
    and weak and irrational devotion.

    The greatest sign of a person, a tribe, a State or a Nation having been
    colonized, is a mind steeped in irrational and illogical thought.

    Even though there may have not been occupiers in certain part of Afrika, if
    the minds of those people of that uncolonized free land is conquered and
    controlled, such is a greater sign of a people being ruled under the evil
    action of colonization.

    Will somebody please tell me, what was Afrika and her people doing before
    the coming of so call Moses Law and The so claimed Grace of Christ.

    No !, I mean somebody tell me, what was the condition of the Carbon Nation,
    both Civil and Spiritual. ( Theological ) before the coming of moses Law and
    Europe Christ ?

    Are we to wear the tag of pagans, as the western and Arab world so label us,
    when they saw us acknowledging the creator of the Universe through and by
    ITS ( God ) CREATION ?

    Which is the greater Law, The Universe or Man's Law, one receive its
    instruction from the very act of an unseen yet orderly force, whose evidence
    is the Stars and Planets, the Wind, Water, Earth and Fire, while the other
    emanate from the opinion of Man, rising from an irrational mind based on
    Belief, Faith, Hope and Submission without factual evident.

    Truth hide not its face behind an irrational veil, it stand upon the Stars
    for all to see and play not with the Mind of Man but challenge it to verify
    its reality.

    The Rule Of Law of the Universe is not written on a tablet of Stones but is
    Written on the Mind thought from an inert Energy, full of precise order,
    which is a sign of an infinite intelligence and we may call it what we so
    desire but it change not what IT ( GOD ) IS.

    As the profound teaching says, The First Shall Be Last And The Last Shall
    Be First.

    Right now as I speak, the original Beings are now Last and we verify our
    position in the Universe by the way we not think of it but what we believe
    about it.

    Show me a world who no longer has a theology of its own knowing and I will
    show you a world,a person, a state, a people , a Nation that has been
    colonized and now live in mental bondage, subscribing to the teaching and
    ways of our oppressing colonizers and creator of Chattel Slavery, as they
    forced their fabled religion into out minds.

    Now, we have forsaken ourselves, thus our God, for the Law of man in the
    name of God and a Christ that just happen along, claiming to be GOD Son
    but yet, all that he claim to be, must be believed with faith, hoping for a
    better Life some where other than on this Planet.

    How foolish have we become oh Carbon Nation. We now embrace the Lie that
    says there is nothing good that has come out of Afrika.

    The implication is that we are an ungodly people who needed the caucus man
    and his progeny to introduce God to us and succeeded to cause us to look
    away from the teaching of our Primeval Carbon Cosmic Ancestors and now here
    we are residing at the feet of our oppressor, as we worship every word he
    speak to us about God, Universe and ourselves.

    Such an attitude of obedience to our oppressors will only assure our demise
    as a Afrikan Black Nation.

    The Carbon Nation of yestertime, lived not by the counterfeit Law of God,
    nor by the Fable Grace of a Phantom Christ, as so portrayed, we lived by the
    Law and Order of the Universe, as was so placed by that One and Only True
    Eternal Energy Of God, who need no mediator nor seconds to convey its
    creative action.

    Our Afrikans Ancestors taught about Space - Time Continuum, the Atoms,
    Vortexes and Space Conscious Dimensions, which required the knowledge of the
    arts of Geometry, Biology the Mathematics, Astronomy and all else that
    reveal the Truth about God, Universe and Beings.

    Please, I mean no disrespect to anyone, but I must Represent the gods of our
    Ancient Carbon Afrikan Ancestors, just as everybody else does with their
    belief about their Christ and Mosaics Law.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth !!!

    Complete Love To The Black Afrikan Nation

    Chief Elder
    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist

    Sankofa Repatriation Movement

    The Pan - Afrikan Inter'National Movement

    Author of Two Controversial Books:

    Lies About God
    My God The Creator

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