Chief Elder Osiris : Been Made To Be Too Satisfied To Recognize The Action Of Our Self Destruction

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    Been Made To Be Too Satisfied To Recognize The Action Of Our Self Destruction

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, if you are Truly in the knowledge of self and has established a Romance with knowing of the Divine Essence, (GOD) with knowing the meaning and purpose of both Universe, and knowing Thyself, then you can not help but to be qualified to See and to know that there is a difference between those Black People who were and some of us is here now, that was of the America Jim Crow Era, as oppose to those Black People who are of the America Era of integration / Assimilation Era, because of those two era of Black people, there are some that is as much of a difference as there is a difference between Night and Day, the Divine Truth and a Profane Lie, Good and Bad, Right and Wrong, and Divine Reality and Naive reality.

    So you see, to those Black People that can see, there is no wonder why the Black World today, still is in a condition that verify that in the Black World today, there is two different Mind at work today, one from the Time of the era of overt Racism, unjustified prejudice, obvious discrimination, overt injustice toward Black people, and the obvious practice of lies and deception against Black people.

    In the open era of Segregation, it is the Black Mind of that era that developed a Romance with self, which caused those black people to have the drive to get to know Thyself, in knowing what the Divine Essence of All Things Are, and what must be done by Black people in order to bring a close, an obvious overt segregation practice in America, mind you now, not Racism, just overt segregation and the obvious prejudice that came with such a practice against Black people.

    It happen to be those Black people of the era of segregation, meaning forced separation between the Black and White Race by Law, endorsed by America, which did in fact came together to defeat the obvious practice of segregation, so you had that type of America confronting Black people of that Time.

    So, by the Time that the sixties came around, there were Black people with a Mind that was not to be satisfied with White people America and the overt spirit shown and practiced against Black People of that Time, a people who had began to establish a Romantic relationship with themselves and because of that developed self respect by Black People, no longer would those Black people of the era of segregation, under the America Umbrella of Racism, would ever again to be satisfied with the toleration of segregation, Racism, and the false impression of freedom by the practice of Racial integration / assimilation.

    So it were the Black people of the sixties era that went into a mode of so call civil disobedience, devising methods of calculated disruption of white folks town hall meetings, their places of public accommodation, their mode of public transportation, their churches, and media outlets.

    So you see, when the cause is Just and is out of desire for Freedom, disruption, contrary to what you Black people who are of the Integration / assimilation era, is being told about organized disruption, such action is justified when in pursuit of freedom and justice in America and every where injustice is practice in the world.

    During that Time of Jim Crow Segregation, Black people of that Time grew to become dissatisfied with injustice and would no longer fall to the conning ways of America, in order to keep Black people satisfied during that Time of White Folks overt disrespect toward Black People.

    So you see beloved, a satisfied Mind in the presence of injustice is a Mind still enslaved and is unaware of its own persecution and it is that quality of Mind that Black People of the Era of integration / assimilation now wear.

    So you see, that is why Black people today, victims of the era of white folks indoctrination into the mental faze of integration / assimilation, and now take such an open practice to be that which is equal to being free in America.

    So White America know that it still has the presence of some of those Black and proud Black people in America today, we who did not become a victim to America New socialization of Black people in America and we who were able to see the trick embedded in such a socialization.

    There are those Black people in America today who still hold True to the Ideas, philosophy, and opinion of the Honorable Marcus Garvey, he who sowed the seed in the mind of Black People, telling us that Black, contrary to what White people had conditioned us into believing, which is that Black was in fact evil and ugly.

    The Honorable Marcus Garvey got us to enter into a Romance with our Black self and to have us to realize that contrary to White folks teaching about the shade of Black, that it was in fact a Universal Beauty.

    So upon that foundation of having us to know that Black is Beautiful and within that Universal Blackness reside the Power Of The Divine Essence of All things, the re-transformation of Black People of the era of Jim Crow Segregation took affect, and it was by our unified effort, the wall of segregation came tumbling down.

    Not the Wall that hold us captive in America still, but the wall of segregation, which should serve as a sure sign that in today era of Time, Black people in America, here by way of the Middle passage do not have one **** Thing to be satisfied about in America.

    Because you see, not until America and all of her Enslaving of Black Afrikan People, into the institution of Chattel Slavery, account for all of the evil America perpetrated against our Enslaved Ancestors, there is nothing Black People is supposed to be satisfied about, and that accounting by America, it must come in the payment of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation along with our Right to have the Freedom of Choice as to where our Domicile is to be on this planet.

    You see beloved, Obama Change only bring about a satisfied Black Mind among the integration / assimilation minded era of Black people today, not Freedom of Mind, but with a Mind that settle for integration / assimilation, advancement, and the desire for affirmative action in favor of Black people in America.

    You can recognize the the sign of those Black people who accept such a pledge to be satisfied with Obama change as your goal, which is to be Black people with a satisfied Mind today in America, Black people which has no kin to the Mind of the Black is Beautiful Mind that was of the Jim Crow Segregation era.

    So it is the Black Power, Black Is Beautiful Mind of the Sixties, that will never settle for anything less than Freedom from America, in America, with, within our possession, our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, which will only come with us wearing the Mind of the Black Race of the sixties, whose goal today, is Freedom From America and with the knowledge that Afrika is for the Afrikan and that the Black Afrikan Nation must become a Unified Nation once again in Afrika!!!

    Can You Understand That, Beloved.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]