Black Poetry : been in nations where inflation grew enough to do stuff Increase in prices scuff The market not up t

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    been in nations
    where inflation
    grew enough to do stuff
    Increase in prices scuff
    The market not up to snuff
    lost buying power of the dollar
    Crying took a shower start to holler
    Feeble blank quotes
    Don’t eqqul banknotes
    where the money at?
    saw a honey phat
    Funny I went for her doormat
    It’s sunny couldn't ignore that,
    she make keen decisions
    a hardcore brat and seen on television
    Her moves approved
    For the boob tube
    Through visual images
    After true physical scrimmages
    With producers and now a movie
    Accomplishment somehow groovy
    got love for her oh wow a smoothie
    "LOOK BOO cake and lace
    And panties will take place
    where sex and kiss exist
    I prefer a date
    Occur on late
    nights first reminisce
    because I thirst for a kiss
    may risk stealing one
    dealing with the fun
    Revealing your tongue
    Feeling like I’m sprung
    Girl gone give me some
    my flow tender
    in November
    before CHRISTMAS and like SANTA have
    you sit in my lap
    so I git to rap
    about Jingle Bell
    use vocab mingled well
    boo I get lonely
    want your wet body only
    so lets drive off
    you survive with soft
    black thighs
    and the exact eyes,
    Petro from the Ghetto arrived at a cost
    Now time to strive to toss
    panties on the rearview
    and be sincere boo
    should be clear to you
    on what I'm here to do
    after a beer or two,
    your body shape is true
    it's all buttering
    like wall-covering
    create a fine finish
    while online with spinach
    and diminish folks like POPEYE
    so boo you got hot pie
    Design to be drop fly and divine
    Then get pie and try align
    your body like a mechanic do tires
    Kisses bring romantic desires
    do exist
    behind a true kiss
    so wheels turn
    Feels fires burn,
    you wear panties of different colors
    but they all magnificent butters
    on a larger scene
    when we talking margarine
    like ROGER THE DODGER it utters facts keen
    and seem to quarterback a team
    so I wanna search around
    and get a touchdown
    "NAW PLAYER this is fat ish
    on a flat dish
    known as a plate
    I've shown cake
    you wanna feast on a platter
    and like a piece of data
    this has facts and statistics
    Boys step back wanna kiss it
    I close my thighs but a rose
    Flys across my nose
    and the statistics show
    a ballistic flow
    of force on course to collide with facts
    A fixed starting point for a snack
    At the tiptop only a ninja can reach
    Swift with knife and cut the red tape
    and now I have a headache in the bed cake
    May await you, I'm a Black Soul Sista my mini-skirt is down
    and boys everyday see me flirt wanna fool around
    and get a cool pound of sex, I rebound next and say nope
    Pull my skirt down and jest stay dope
    like happy smoke, oh gosh I be brainwashed panties wet smoke
    from my body you wanna party some
    and drink Bacardi rum,
    rhyme is part
    of this fine art
    I’m a true queen with butt
    got a routine strut
    even at Walmart
    My party aim is to flirt
    My body framework
    And boys became alert
    Of that your mix flow slam
    on a fixed program
    if it miss my ears
    then a kiss appears
    for some reason, wanna wreck rhythm
    with a mechanism
    called knowledge in here
    Jump in the car begin to steer
    me in the wrong direction
    wanna take me home for affection
    a beast stand
    on the peace plan
    so I release a can
    of truth for protection
    rejection not part of your vocab
    Close the door no words from the lab
    "SO BOO don't have to walk far
    to go talk in the car
    no hanky panky promise, got pride like URKEL
    So really I divide a circle
    and get FAMILY MATTERS
    and the calamity scatters
    like a wildfire
    and my style require
    Admire so peep
    some cats desire the streets
    that's fire and heat real deep"
    "OH NO one swift jerk
    can lift my skirt
    And that will elevate my breasts
    Then you’ll have cake and the rest
    After that every date will be bless
    wow and you gonna wanna sex me
    I've had that happen
    after some mad rapping
    couldn't escape
    complex to see it was just pudding and cake
    he wouldn't take
    no for an answer shouldn't have end up here, as I get hot
    and sweat a lot
    But yet to drop
    My panties but they wet and hot
    Like heated candies
    Life is good
    and nice from the hood,
    we kiss a plenty
    which is consist of many
    tongue moves
    and some smooth
    it's dumb to lose
    a love, sex got me wet under
    my skirt that's just thunder
    a network i must wonder
    This is hot and strange
    working like a stock exchange
    of my head carry smarts
    And dreams like Alice in wonderland so girl,
    hurl your panties, and let me rock your world
    my CD fast with extreme tunes
    but I smell gasoline fumes boom!
    it is what it is