Black Poetry : Bedroom Tango (share my world )

Let's mengle
to a tango
in the indingo bliss
for some freakiness
and passion of sweetness
from da kiss and heated bliss
let it flo , back it up mo
watch the erotic sho
and ya face glo
in deep moans
making ya body sing a song
in da bedroom tango
dancin in a mango
of extrem love
u know how we do
when we mix it up like glue
stuck in over drive for one
sexy ride n' glide inside
let's bedroom tango !!
im jealous Rich!!!!!!!

Im jealous because I thought I was the one
But I see to you, you like to have fun

I aint gonna lie I sit back and watch you do your thang
Cant say this have made my heart sang
But I decided to brang

You butt back to reality who originally had you in the bedroom
and who have created so much noise and boom
time for me to clear the room

and bring you back to reality
the day when it used to be you and me

see boy dont your remember the Naked Beauty
its was all yours Truly

Who let you peeked into my world when I asked you Cyberlicious
to come on over and meet Bootylicious

See now I see you playing the field with others
but let me tell ya this Peach is the only skirt you discovered

Boy remember how i made you pen write mad on Candy Licker
and remember how we went back and forth as our pens moved with flicker
my ticker

is jumping off the meter
cause I see ya


it while you can
I cant stand

to see ya asking if anybody else can handle
windy my special name for you i feel its a scandle

Because this

Bedroom Tango (is for us to share!)
crossin wave under extreme blaze
in da tango from da mango
as the indingo beats of something sweet
i don't know who to be
that name call playboy u see
i seek out the inner soul
rush it like it was gold
and dance deep inside
take it to da long ride
i can still flicker and move like da dipper
cyberly and eroticly smooth
and u know ya body into my groove
from da candy man sweets
something that will always be
come to me Peach..................................
i will come to you windy can you take flyte
dont let it be just for one nyte
it isnt right

how you left me without a trace
and to taste

its so hard to share you
and we cant always do

what we think we should
i wish you would

love me once again
can i to be your only friend

but i know that's to never be
cause we

belong to the world
i cant ask such a passionate man like you to settle down with just one gurl

the many nights we went back with our flows
and now we come to this noone knows

the passion that erupts from our vein
this is insane

as im pressing these keys as if i knew this was my last write
i ask of you to make love to me like you use to
everything and anything that you want to do

i need you to tell me im the one
i need you to tell me im your sun

but most of i need to fulfill this

Bedroom Tango with me!!!!!!!!
fulfillin da spot
making it hot
in da tango
cross da floor
dancin in da glist
sending rapture
and blazzin kiss
making moves butta smooth
going deep in da groove
makin da bedroom spin
from this mixing blend
of bodies so hot
i can feel da wetness of ya spot
tango in da indingo bliss
u really ready for this twist


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