Black Poetry : Bedroom Tango (share my world )

u know me sage it's winter tyme need my cuddling
thanks sis

step in my room
roll u like a cocoon
make u dance in sway
rock ya world as we play
dip low as u flow
from da hips wit erotic sip
spin ya head in a weave
have u screammin baby
from da tango bliss of
my erotic twist
u make ride a while
but u will buckle
under da spell i dewell
and send u in chills
of this hot sexual thrill
Luver come take my hand
Enter my stage
my sensual wonderland
For an erotic dance
Just for you
follow my lead
read my lips
heres a kiss to
create some mist
as I we glide across
this magical floor
swingin’ and swayin’
bumpin and grindin
thrusting our bodies
in rhythmic timing
hold me close
squeeze me tight
wanta feel you rise against
my sexual site
caress me gently
all through the nite
our bodies churnin
can you feel the yearin’
we spinin’ and twirlin’
inside your world
as we move nice and slow
in this intimate
Bedroom Tango
U wanna tango
inside this mango
under da indingo glist
of my bedrrom bliss
where your body mix
into a rapture of this
erotic pleasure
and a wetness dat peak
from my tongue sweep
til ya kness get weak
in this heat of passion
as we go low to da flo
under da blazing glo
of intimacy
as i hold yours
and u touch mines
while we wine and dine
nice n' slow
grind by grind
til ya body is mines
inside my world of love
sensual hugs
extreme rubs
in da bedroom tango
let's dance fancy feet
to the beat of my treat
sway ya hips
side to side
for one love joy ride
as i slide low
headed inside .............

Once inside
wanta feel
The rhythm of your
Deep glide
Take it all inside me
Na-na hott wet and sticky
Want you to increase
The flo of my milky cream
Make me scream
From your extreme
Body rock
Please dont stop
Hit my G-spot
Take me to the top
As my hips dip
To your manly grip
Thirsty…take a sip
As it drips all ova you
Baby you know
how we do what we do
one nasty freaky show
Lost inside your
Bedroom Tango


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