Black Poetry : Bedroom Tango (share my world II)


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Let's get freaky
let's get hot
let's do it here
on da spot
let me rock ya
deep in my zone
make u scream
holla & moan
let do da bedroom
in essence of bliss
come baby
share my world
meet da hot
let me lay u down
give u dis warmth
never found
lip lock u from
head 2 toe
knock u on a cloud
hit ya dimples too
do it like royality do
let us dance in electrical
maze set off dis steamy
blaze of wave as u cry
in deep pleasure
come share my world
as i hit heart strings
magical harp of love
i bring to da tango
of us twisted into a
masterful passion
a desire of spools
we spin together
let da wall talk
speak eroticly
bed move extremely
cum baby as i rock
u sweet from my fancy
hot sexual treat of love
let me dance and dance
til u explode set off a
milky way and blend
da sheets of ya hot
leaky ahhhhh!
right there ........
Share My World
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Woooo... Teach me how to tango to your Mozart... :bellydance:
Man you gone start sumpthin over here...Lovin yah flow... You are the Gerald Levert of poetry on this one...and lawd knows I love me some Gerald Levert.... somebody help me :help: :hammer: Flow on brother Rich flow onnnnnnnnnnn :jumping:
Oooh wee baybay oooh weee..with you freaky self. I know the pen likes cummin on your sheets of paper..leaving them warm sensual juices of lines called poetry.


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