Black Poetry : Bedroom Tango (share my 3rd world)

Lets set the place on fire
Release desires
Hot and sweet
Sugary treat
In this twisted mix
Baby I got ya fix
Good and plenty
Sexy vibes
Take you to another level
Make ya get dat special feeling
I walk inside ya room....
I share my Precious treasure
I take the time
and show you my hidden secrets..
I give you good and plenty loving…
So baby lets move this to the next level

mmmmm co mere
I get any hotter i'll burn da house down
but the bliss of my blaze is da erotic maze
of sweet release dat take ya on a ride so
high u can let go feel da rapture of my sho
as we hit da room of love above and dance
in dis freakyness of twist as u purrr!!!!
get all leaky soak & wet break out in sweat
from da dip as i flip come share my world
Make me soakin n wet
Lets go wit the flow
Burn it down
Lets take it to that level
Share your world
As you invade mine
Taste the sugary flavor
Twist and mix
It can only get sweeter
You flip I dip
Strike it
We meet in the middle everytime
So baby co mere
Let me make you feel so much pleasure
Rock you till the morning hours….
I want
And you know
The next level
Hit from extreme to
The raw freakiness…
I am all you
I am all you need
In the midnight call
In the morning hour
Baby just call on me
See I am the chocolate sugar spice
In ya life…..
Twist and explode
Taken you into my world
Through yours..
The woman who puts you
In this zone….
And love you down
Open ya mind for what’s
In store for you
As you know its me
And then its others
I am the spice that lights your fire
And bring your desires alive
Giving you love like you
Have never experiences..
You ready for me Daddy….
It's you and me


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