Quiet Poetry Lounge : BEDROOM BOOMER !

Thought I forgot about the boom
Im back to resume extacy in this bedroom
Since Im running a little behind
I may as well take my time
And enjoy the motion of the grind
That creates my erotic body whine
You put it down so nice
Still feel the Coldness of the ice
Sliding down my spine
Your bedroom boom
Stimulates and penetrates my mind
Strong but gentle and kind
Execution just right
That take me to my highest height
Makes me release my naughty look a like
She’s my alter ego that comes out
When ever we go inside the boom
Sexy as she wanna be
She enters the room ready to be freaky
Can you see how fast she makes your heart beat
When she touches every inch of your body
From your head to your feet
Send you to her private galaxy
The only place you desire to be
Locked up tight
Pleasing you all through the night
Setting the stage for the next
Steamy scribe you write
Sensually yes take ya time
as i relax ya body to mine
caress u in da extreme bliss
from my hot erotic twist
yes i love how she touch
as our bodies clutch
in da freakest style
that bring ya face to smiles
enter my bedroom boom
as we lay inside da cocoon
as i 12 play to a rapture tune
to make u wet
from da liplock u get
break out in feverish sweat
from da booming lovin u get
come sweetie dip dem hips
as we rock n' roll
slurp n' sip in da bedroom
boom bOOM BOOMMMM!!!!!
3 x da fun of the number one


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