Black Relationships : Bed hopping makes for behavior problems in children

Discussion in 'Black Relationships' started by dustyelbow, Apr 2, 2007.

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    Seems like the VIRUS that has been RELEASED to US in our COMMUNITY (THIS was not something of our MAKING) in which OUR ANCESTORS made a RESPONSE FOR now affect WHITE TWO PARENT MIDDLE CLASS causing all kinds of FORSEEN DANGERS.

    They are UNPREPARED for IT.

    If we already have PROBLEMS with our CHILDREN in the COMMUNITY imagine NOW OUR CHILDREN plus those of BROKEN WHITE TWO PARENT MIDDLE CLASS CHILDREN to deal with. But on a DIFFERENT level. (NOBODY even GREAT SOCIETY is READY for THIS) This is one of those UNIQUE NATION PROBLEMS if left UNCHECKED will certainly do US ALL IN since WHITES are the MAJORITY.

    Overall I dont feel SORRY for this OUTCOME. A VIRUS JOB or FUNCTION is to SPREAD. It knows no RACE or COLOR RELIGION CLASS etc. From the article it seems to have STABILIZED in US because we have NO ONE ELSE to INFECT. We have become USE to IT.

    Oh well.