Black Poetry : Becoming a Writer #2


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May 11, 2006
Becoming a Writer #2

The grammar was dull as it hammer my scull like rain drops
Make my brain pop during compositions, friction never stop
Heavy labor and sweaty behavior, be nice to have a device
That would make me smarter and harder homework a sacrifice
My dome perked twice as hard to writing I’m torn as a stranger
And warned of danger I may not succeed need the Lone Ranger
Tactics in order to shoot em up, much apprehension in getting
Rap attention,whack buster on staff, lackluster paragraph regretting
Writing had ragedy features putting agony on teachers some letting
My pride down this writing affair failed ready to send airmail
To the principal explaining my absence no Afro Sheen hair stale
The education system is a shock like mechanisms on a clock
It’s a tick tock complicated affair it’s dominated my hair now drop
Grease like John Travolta making a trivia to Olivia Newton so hot
Like a project this is time consuming as rhymes zooming through
My head, perfuming the misled like Avon keep on tuning a few
Lots of drastic fuss and a classic thrust on me to write I knew
I had too its like a small amount of rain couldn’t account for
All the pain which roasts so hot on the growth of crops a star
In my own way, jot down hot nouns everyday, later my class
Got assigned to Mr Bruce


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