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    Let me look you over head to toe
    Eye to eye
    Eye to breasts
    Eye to thighs
    Eye to soul
    Shhhhh…don't speak
    When the noise of your voice
    And the silence of your heartbeat compete
    The cipher is incomplete
    Allow me to circumnavigate the circumference
    Of your wholeness
    And spend a little bit of eternity
    Pondering the science of each degree
    720 in all
    It was so nice
    I went around twice
    Because once I came to the ending
    I found myself once again at the beginning
    How would it sound,
    If I start at your back and work my way around
    Or maybe do you like we built the pyramids…
    Start at the top and work my way down
    Because I want to use your body
    To paint a picture of perfect pleasure
    And sign my name on your panty line
    Because I've been scopin' ya
    All the way from your beginnings in Ethiopia
    It took a minute for me to get in ya
    Then I found out your name was Kenya
    See, I wanna be your man
    I came from Sudan
    My momma is from Uganda and my dad is from Chad
    We never had much
    So I can't give you gold and such
    But I can give you all
    The beauty in Senegal
    What? Oh you didn't want gold at all,
    Well what about this?
    How about I let the sun set with my lips on your
    Then rise with my head between your thighs
    I want the stars to gaze and be amazed
    With the ways I have to make you say
    "ICON! I love it that way!"
    Who says that quakes only happen on California?
    Because when I put it on ya
    Your soul gets shook
    Because believe me, it gets put
    Because I leave no stone unturned
    No candle unburned
    No lesson unlearned
    No lust unyearned
    No page unturned
    In fact where I'm at
    Is like ten chapters past
    Where Anita Baker was in Rapture
    I have to
    Because you, you ride on moonbeams
    You fly by night and you appear in wet dreams
    Are you a fantasy, or reality?
    What make you fantasy?
    Is it because you seem to love me in my dreams?
    Then you come on my tongue and get me sprung when you're done?
    Well then what's reality?
    Is it the realization that the fantasy one
    On the tip of my tongue
    Was not a fantasy at all?
    Just in case, I'll love you
    Frantically, romantically, tantrically
    Substantially and handily
    With ability, feel the
    Energy, synergy, divinity
    I'll raise you, show you where God is
    Make the picture clearer
    And all I'll do is give you a mirror
    Then you'll elevate now your mind is free
    Don't worry about your body, leave that to me
    Because I thirst for the knowledge of the power of Black Love
    Let me take your nipple between my lips
    So I can sip
    From the reservoir of your love's power
    Until it washes over me like a shower
    Then I'll be drenched
    My thirst quenched
    Exhausted…I'll lay my head upon your breast…and rest.
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    Woooo weeeeee ~ this is :blob fire: :blob fire: :blob fire: hot! I think we need the fire chief out here to determine the cause of this fire you've started! :D

    Wowsers :eek:


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    i ain't occupied by nothin for too long
    below the mason dixon

    scribe son. this one was more than
    just a sex poem. very intellectually written.