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Jun 22, 2001
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hey yall... before i get to the poem at hand, i wanna run through a quit intro of the wonder that is me :D i'm kweenie... i'm 19 from louisville, kentucky... sophomore in college... real kool & easy goin'... um... i guess that's it. i'm a poetry head & i'm lookin forward to readin er'body pieces & seein what yall about... so... that's me... and without further ado... there's a lil sumthin called "because i wanted to write"


because i wanted to write
he cleared his entire night
just for me
said if he had to
he’d hand pick and kill a tree
and make me a canvas
with the same hands
he used to pray the night before.
he welcomed hell
and gave me all his tomorrows
gave me his eternity
and guaranteed each day that follows
pledged me all of his happiness
and robbed me of his sorrows
all because
i wanted to write.

because i wanted to write
he gave his mind as a battleground
said i needed a spiritual space
to lay my words down
said his temple was the perfect place
for the lyrical showdown
he took my hands
but i pushed him away
said he’d only interrupt my word play
so i sat alone for the rest of that day
all because
i wanted to write

so i wrote
and i wrote
and i laced my life
in verbal exposition
talkin bout they way i felt
in the face of opposition
talkin bout tryin to find myself
in the face of what was missin
askin why it was
that in the reflection of life
i was stuck with no reflection
as i wrote he watched me silently
with no conviction
just watchin me
he was just... watchin... me...
and if i fell
i know he woulda caught me
but then i paid no mind
the only sight i had was hind
and as i flew i never knew
that his hands held me the whole time
thought i saw him reach for me
i kept my eyes closed
and reached for myself
as opposed to his soul
all because
i wanted to write

after the battle he stood before me
like some pinnacle of need
like some lost king
like some new breed of
wanton, salty lust nazi
and for me he awaits
at some sultry Auschwitz's gate
when the war was over
and the final shots fired
i forgave the hands that held me
and in his arms aspired
to put him in my place
and lace him in my words
put his grace inside a vase
and flower him in my verbs
i wrote for him
read for him
and sang him to sleep
gave him my soul, my spirit,
and my secrets to keep
i stepped off my queenly throne
and now pride myself in being meek

all because
i wanted to write.

peace, yall... feel free to respond & tell me sumthin bout yourselves :)
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Welcome ~ Welcome ~ Welcome

such a beautiful introduction
please make yourself at home
koolaide in da fridge and some
family members have stashed
cookies away ... i'm sure they'll
share :)




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