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Apr 11, 2003
Became You
A. Welch

During a night of passion
When the heat of the moment surrounded us both like angry mobs,
I came into you.

I lingered inside your temple,
Though already defouled by the inconsiderate proposals of many before me.
I began to explore your inner being.

In the midst of surreal screams of a name you only briefly knew,
I sneaked into your private world.
There I made my home.

You, the smartest of all your homegirls
continued your life unknowingly sharing me with others.
Besides "I've never felt like that's" and "I think I saw heaven's",
I never again crossed the web of the complicated fabrications of your mind.

If, for one solitary moment, between the pleasant pecks and romantic rubs
you had stopped to think,
You would not be so familiar with me now.

But instead, you allowed the
vibrations, sensations, and demonstrations of what you called "love",
to cloud your natural inhibitions.

Durning a night of passion
When the heat of the moment surrounded us both like angry mobs,
HIV became You.


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Apr 10, 2003
High School Teacher
I had a friend once at summa camp she was always depressed and sad. Then she met this boi that told her all these lies and told her she waz beautiful, and eventually he got her to do tha nasty wit him, Well a couple of days lata he gave her a box and said don't open it until you get home, so when she got home she opened it. And it waz a necklace wit a coffin on it and it said welcome to the world of A.I.D.'s

WRAP IT UP, it means life or death,
one night of love ain't worth all yo health.

Nice poem loved it!!!

peace and blessins----------------serenti poet

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