Beauty Standards and Black Women

Discussion in 'Black Health and Wellness' started by Omowale Jabali, Sep 1, 2007.

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    Some Black Women are among the most pysically attractive in the world. Some can even consider them beautiful. I know that a lot of Brothers have interacted with these women on the internet. Some through dating services and other websites. I am sure there are some brothers here who will deny doing so but at the same time have profiles on dating sites.

    What I have a question about is this. I have a lot of interaction with women related to the entertainment industry. On occasion, I have assisted friends in casting for independent film and/or video productions. As a result, over the years I have a rather extensive portfolio and "social network". Sometimes I search the net for up and coming "newbies" who most people are not familiar with. This means I have also belonged to modeling sites, and I do have family in this aspect of the industry as well.

    Question: When I websearch for "Beautiful Black Women" what I find mostly are sites advertising or displaying Black women for hairstyles or hair products. Is it ALWAYS about the HAIR?