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Desert Storm

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Mar 31, 2001
I'm short and petite
A shade a lil bit brighter than the Desert Storm
A lil bit ~THICK~
Medium lips

I love myself just the way I am
And I love being beautiful and BLACK
Tan and brown

I love our race
Because there are so many things to be proud of

Rythym and Blues
To Rock and Roll
Hip Hop and Rap

Invented the Stop lights
Found uses for peanuts
And suggested toothpaste
Peanet Butter

Underground and created our own militia
Black Panther Party
Originated in Oakland
Representin with a lot of meaning

Southern heritage
From da states Texas Atlanta and NC

Cherokee blended
With a bit of Spanish,French,and
I ain't even goin to front cuz in my history
There's some white

Painted my future
Ancestors paved the way

So that I could keep on dreaming
Big dreams and create a life for myself

Woman romodels
Such as Sarah Vaughn,Dorthy Dandrige,Lena Horn,Ella Fitzgerald,Rosa Parks,
And the list goes on and on

Proud to be Afro centric
Proud to be Afro American

WE come from a rich heritage
From a land where DIAMONDS AND IVORY lay

Out of Eden I don't know for sure
But I do know out of various colors textues and hues
Is that we're bound to forward
And I'm proud to be beautiful and BLACK

Desert Storm


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