Black Poetry : beating of your heart...


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Apr 8, 2003
Chicago, IL
Educational/Human Resources field
I reached for your hands
and intertwined them with mine
You kissed my forehead
Took over my lips sweet as wine

I hoisted myself on my arm
To capture the bliss on your face
Trace my fingers on your cheek
I never wanted to leave that place...

I laid atop of you
And I was not about to let you enter
My love for you did reach new levels
And your smile was at my center

I put my breast upon your chest
and listened quietly with my ear
The steadiness of your breathing
and the pulse I did hear

I felt the beating of your heart
It pulsated into my veins
I felt your emotion enter my body
felt the erotic memories like rain...

I fell asleep laying there
This time with my hand over your heart
I fell into a dreamworld...
Wishing that a relationship would start


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