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Feb 26, 2008
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Grilling season has come upon us, and if your as frugal and health conscious as I, you don’t particularly care for the cost or the preservatives in store-bought veggie burgers. This recipe will allow you to make bean-based veggie burgers in a loaf form and you can cut them to whatever thickness you like. There are eggs in these, vegans! I’ve never figured a way around them. Here goes…..

2 cups of beans – I like lentils(no soaking, good texture and flavor) fava
works too, use what you have
½ cup onions
1 cup of fine bread crumbs
½ - 1 cup of chopped, diced vegetables – I use dehydrated veggies or pulp
left from juicing. I believe you get a better result when
they are cut fine
2 eggs – you can try a fake egg substitute

Cook the beans according to the directions (soak vs. unsoaked) with the onions.

Add the rest of the veggies toward the end of the cooking time. Overcooked veggies are nasty and slimy.


In a large bowl add the bean/veggie mixture and the breadcrumbs. Season well with whatever seasonings you like. Make sure it tastes good to you before moving on. Add the eggs when the mixture is cool (or you will scramble them) and thoroughly mix. Allow the mixture to rest for at least 10 minutes, but up to overnight. The flavors blend nicer the longer left.

Line or spray a loaf pan and add the mixture evenly to it. Make sure everything is even or your burgers will come out wopsided.

Bake at 375 degrees for about an hour.

Allow loaf to come to room temperature. At this point it’s ready to eat.

Cut loaf into patties.

Wa-La! Very easy. If you don’t want to grill them, but have that grilled flavor, add a couple of drops of liquid smoke.

PS: My mom never threw anything away she thought she could use. She used to freeze the ends of the bread loaves and tell us they were hamburger buns! She used left over spaghetti meat sauce as Manwhiches. I was nearly grown when I realized you could buy hotdog rolls for your own use!
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No sis I am in a dorm room...I cant make ANYTHING! not even a grilled cheese....less' it's microwavable of course:wink:

See... You ain't really hungry. When I was in college we had that restriction. But you aint lived until you have ironed a grilled cheese sandwich! College kids today are soft.


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