Black People : BEACUSE I'M BLACK?!?!

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by naija-man, Jan 20, 2004.

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    How do you wear your skin colour? Like a badge of honour that you are proud of? Or as a burden that you abuse every chance you get?

    I'm proud to be Black and I'm always aware of the fact! It's nothing to be ashamed of, but lots of other Blacks I see don't seem to feel it the way I do. Why is that? Why, for instance, whenever there is an incident with the police and a brother/sister gets arrested you always hear the immortal phrase: "It's because I'm black".

    Why is it that in a negative situation the issue of being Black always seem to come up? And why is it that in other positive situations you never really hear a thing about being Black?

    For instance, I generally hear people who've been for job interviews explain away their failure to land the job with: "Oh, I didn't get it because I'm black."

    Or out on the road a Black motorist will say: "I got pulled over because I'm Black."

    When will I hear the words: "I got the job, because I stayed optimistic and I had my strong Black pride!"

    We shouldn't hide behind negativity by using the fact that we are Black. Being black is a wonderful thing and I love it and I ain't gonna allow myself to be lowered by white (or any other colour) folks just because of my skin colour.
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    Greetings naija-man and welcome! I can't answer your questions precisely because I don't think that all Black people respond or react the way that you described, although some might.

    I also don't think that everytime a Black person thinks that what happens to them is because they are Black, is an inaccurate assessment of a situation, because sometimes it's true. And, to think like that isn't inherently negative or a lack of self-love because of being Black. I'm sure you understand that many circumstances that occur, are due to racism. But also, giving credit to your opinion, there are those that happen that have nothing to do with one's race and everything to do with what they did.

    I don't know whether you're witnessing these events with your own eyes or listening to reports about Blacks in the media. I also don't know what your personal experiences have been or where you live. But I can tell you, that in America, it would probably be a good bet, that many, if not most incidences that Blacks find themselves in when it comes to the legal/judicial system, seeking employment and promotions, or being admitted to colleges and universities--race is a predominate factor.

    Again, welcome and I hope you enjoy your time with us!

    Peace :spinstar: