Black Poetry : Be the cause of love have to pause in the club talk to Santa Claus above in sleigh today have to hug reindeer's and explain years of him with a sack o


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May 11, 2006
Be the cause of love
have to pause in the club
talk to Santa Claus above
in sleigh today have to hug
reindeer's and explain years
of him with a sack of toys
these facts annoys
grown folks
shown quotes
by Charles Dickens
this type code
is like a road
got pride on gravel
time to ride and travel
legit and clever
and like bits of leather
tough can't get enough
of that wet funky stuff
boys assist with a kiss and
never miss her lips they plan
for a date, she active love and
be attractive in the club
wearing a mini-dress scrubs
don't stand a chance
With a girl Leave a party
go quiet place squeeze her body
can't abandon love
kiss random at the club
her lips be red
can see the bed
in her eyes like a sinking
ship, hype and thinking
plus equip for a date
kiss her lips for cake
she bring about beauty
this thing is a cutie
ready to prepare
for a sweaty affair
throw confetti in the air
and promotes the growth
of quotes on this post
boys write notes most
of time that request for dates
which include breasts and cakes
one time she was in COSTCO
with hot panties and bra
she been careful so far
SHE SAID: “maintain love without interruptions
came to the club on-route for production
got the type quotes
that are like boats
they downstream
got brown cream
hear sounds and screams
then have a wet dream
the lips on her thing feel phat
really have to deal with that
when she wake up where the tissue at?
Experience love and kisses
them hugs and reminisces
in the dream he never misses
her lips undergo pressure
this thunder flow is treasure
have to regard this write
as a hard night
in bed this can ignite
a love affair awight”
LOOK BOO need help to be alert
then he felt his t-shirt
to see if it was wet or not
if we kiss will get hot
really need tongue
to proceed sprung
and hung on phonic
sung songs so ironic
use cipher Ebonics
some are hyper-sonic
so don't get it twisted
it a threat and ballistic
like missiles and rockets
have pistols and sprockets
like bicycles ready to pedal
his way to a love affair
I'm flirting in a circus
with a certain purpose
it's a desired effect
and it's required to protect
my beauty not a reject
my mind shook and drift
deep like foot of a cliff
a boy looked when he lift my dress
HE SAID: “girl your gift is bless
from the menu of the unknown
you come into your own
you really wet down there
and I wanna get somewhere”
he gave her a dumb stare
“I'm legit you dig
let me hit it big
you could be my girlfriend
guaranteed to make your world spin
girl your lips wet and red
really wanna get ahead
so boo let the bed
do the talking boo
while walking with you
through lover's lane
“NAW PLAYER your grammar today
really hammer away
at my brain have to duck my head
or end up stuck in bed
and my luck will be misled
you own a truck and its red
my soul is thick
like a goldbrick
you wanna hold this chick
and get some
and get some love quick.
I have this specific place.
don't need a ceremony.
to figure something very phony
now he carry a horny
condom sex is never corny.
oh, he just put his hand under her dress.
and that also thunder her breasts.
aw girl you got some black sweaty thighs.
and that make confetti flies.
have on thin panties he tries.
to get some she heard some lies.
to get some she heard some lies.
like boo let's get married
her thing gets softer and smooth.
boys have offers she can't refuse.
in the club is better
and now she writes a love letter.
vapor from her thing is pink.
and paper never refuse ink.
he wears a bandana and convinced.
he hears all manner of non-sense.
oh, a girl in a pick-up truck.
steamy get quick and corrupt.


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