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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Who among us is without desire to be free and joyful,
    living a life that let you need not be remorseful, yet here we
    are, held captive by those who have succeeded with
    claim, that your Black life must not be lived with

    Be not fooled by the deceiver themselves, those
    who carry the devil evil that should not be shelved,
    Divine truth must be its reveler, preventing the evil
    from masquerading as a healer.

    In life we come and we go, never to experience its
    present divine show, we are taught it is the after glow
    we must seek as life pass us by, causing many to cry,
    life never we are to keep, putting us in constant
    everlasting sleep.

    Be not fooled by the melody of words that flow from
    the halls of religion, never you to think or have a gift
    of a Divine vision, keeping you from knowing the ill in
    believing, that which you be religiously receiving.

    All pain is not from the devil and you who do not
    know the difference, will cause you to want a seat
    in heaven, claiming there, you need no repentance,
    its a place that blind you from the Divine Truth, you
    never to know the quality life you are due, one that
    is not full of untruth.

    Be not fooled by those who come with words of change
    but you never are to experience what they claim to bring,
    your life you see, is all that it is meant to be, comfort and
    joy without the false melody.

    What is experience but the verification of what has already
    been to be, a lesson to be learned by your life you must see,
    can it be that we have been made to be so blind, religion serving
    as the weapon of deception, while pretending to be oh so kind?

    My spirit is oh so full of love with a passion for Afrika and you,
    which you can not see, while my Divine Mind experience the pain
    which is all that we have come to be, bent over in misery as we
    are told to not blame, an act that cause you to be without shame.

    Be not fooled by those who come into your house, pretending to
    be coming, oh with a smile, but never to be as they appear to be,
    all with intent to prevent you from what you need to see, your self,
    which was before your fall, now having you to believe that religion
    is your all and all.

    To be fooled is to be without self assurance, and without such a need,
    will prevent you from having mental insurance, and to be not covered
    with such Divine protection, will cause your life a destiny with
    constant rejection, such is the life with no past divine reflection.

    Be not fooled, because you see, life come and go, as it should be,
    you either get it Divinely Right the First Time , because it is a lie
    you are told about a next go round.

    To see is to think without the blinders of belief, that which
    has your life hanging in a noose, as if from a tree.

    Can You Understand That, beloved.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]