Black Poetry : be gone from home now in Walmart to roam my COX Desk top support


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May 11, 2006
be gone from home now in Walmart to roam my COX Desk top support //
malfunction, see fine art that make my mind depart think of sport //
this gift is raw son can't withdraw from BLACK HIPHOP and this rip //
a lot of microphones, so I twist their ear then they disappear to trip //
on what they just heard it's luck word up, vacate to escape this flip //
their life make them skip all the strife grip a knife and cut through //
the red tape, use VITALIS so my hair smell gonna say farewell to true //
hair grease in the air beasts flies and "i wanna feast on pies girl I //
tries to hurl words and verbs in your ear galore in here and clear out //
the fear no doubt, you a wet female and I'm ready to set sail and shout //
for the panties you see the bling my dear bring them here we can arrive //
at the club and talk jive and love your lace and the place will be alive //
with hugs, tonight is stress have to fight for my breath you beauty smother //
it's my duty get butter so let me utter some sweet nothings in your ear clutter //
your hearing boo, like a road I'm choked with traffic got a load of hope and //
it's graphic so map it on your navigation, drink the sourness of wine and //
I'm powerless to fine myself sipping with my lips and gripping your hips plan //
is to have sex while you grab the kotex my vocab is complex, girl you got wet //
pie you should let fly to my drop top the juice drip drop while my CD plays yet //
THE hip hop of today should be concern about this rose and not turn your nose up //
at this" "NAW PLAYER your slang is renown I let my hair hang down,suppose it's luck //
wanna bang and pound my cake oh a brown Soul Sista go through a lot it's hard to duck //
here in VIRGINIA BEACH i mean I got hips and lips and boys trips and try grip my waist //
hard for my lace to stay in place it's a constant chase my thing chocolate boys taste //
so in your ride got fuel and style plus a cruel smile have a sex duel for awhile //
home with voice as strong as a horse but can't make a wrong choice not my style //
come to females you know us we got robust breasts heavy built ready with milk //
and boys wanna suck that we be stuck at letting them do it or walking away guilt //
sets in body built wet to win yall get to spin our panties, no doubt boys are bold //
but out of control one boy told me I was a piece of cake feast on a plate and sold //
as a slice of pie he was a nice guy, after hours I master showers let water stream down //
my twin towers which are breast in the car boys jest play with them leave cream around //
and dream brown oh my panties be so hot down there inside my thing pink no doubt a girl //
agirl got a lot to think about now this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH this boy hurl //
words, too much thunder in romances under no circumstances I'll get in that car
and start SMOOCHING, the love letters you dispatch are read,they make me scratch
my head, so I'm at an absurd loss as phat words are toss on paper I go match
my horoscope, "LOOK BOO my bling is true and it cling to my neck with pride and //
it wreck eyes it's best you check them lies boys be telling you I don't ride van //
got swell hummer and need your cell number got wheels not a scrub //
my dear I hear a tune of love can doom a club always got room for love //
ready soon for a sincere hug //
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