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Jun 2, 2006
I do not understand what you want from me
Why you bother wasting my time your time
With idle chit chat and meaningless pleasantries

Can you define to me what it is that “WE” have
so much time has past and your still coming
to me half hearted and half azzed
Always wanting me to give and please but yet
what have you really given to me

Other than a long list of what I have not and will not
Give to you….come on now
I know your not a fool

You see I do not feel the need to give or prove
anything to you because you have continuously
showed me that my efforts would be of no use
I keep trying to tell you
you can't expect things of someone
when your not willing to give yourself
I don’t care how small or big the gesture may be

I have lost faith in you
I feel that anything that I ever do for you
will never matter to you in a good way
feelings you created

So don’t get mad at me
because I do not bow down at your feet
you have never given me a reason to
Just like you want me to show you
I need you to show me too
You feel you can't count on me
that's funny because
I know I can't count on you

Something I have been asking for
But I have yet to receive it
I know how you feel….
Wanting or asking for something
That never materializes in the real

You can save all of your hypothetical philosophical
Gibberish for someone who wants to hear it
I have accepted that I will never get
what I want from you….
it use to make me sad until I realized
I was being sad about something
That was not meant for me to have
And probably not good for me either

Things that are meant to be
happen naturally without begging and pleading
my desire to give and to please you
was damaged a long time ago

You could have repaired it but you didn’t
instead you chose to concern yourself
with testosterone laced Bullshid
your reaction to my actions have
demonstrated to me it will never be about us

Since you think your the professional
on my thoughts and feelings
how come you never tried or at least
be willing to meet me half way
its called compromise...give and take
you see that's what you do
when your really genuine and true

If you would have only given a little
I would have given the world to you

and you have the audacity to dispel my feelings as
Amphigory and nugacity
and if that’s how you want to kick it
I gotta chunk the duce
I wish you happiness and peace
I’m so tired of this 360 degrees
of nothing.... poof be gone
I'm through



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