Black Education / Schools : Be Aware of Your Student Loan

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    So awhile back I went to a non-accredited college the same year that my daughter was born. And I signed up for a student loan. I was cut a check for my pell grant, but never received my loan and assumed that it had just went to tuition.
    Well, I only ended up going to this school for a couple of weeks and decided that this was not the school for me.
    Well, I over time a long period of time I started to receive bills in the mail for a student loan. I assumed the bills were for the loan that I supposedly had incurred while at the college. But over time I stopped paying. I didn't feel I owed the total amount because I had not attended the school for the full 3 quarters.
    Anyways, the bills kept coming, and I would apply for a deferment when I went to another college...And after I was no longer in school that's when I started to get the bills again...then the creditors started calling and what not.
    Then one day I spoke with this lady who was my creditor (who was the devil herself), she said that they would start garnishing my wages and take my tax return because it was going to the Dept of Education. So I began making payments again.
    I knew I was going to miss a payment so I called her, because she said if I was that she would arrange to have me pay at another time, but she did not answer my call, nor did she call me back.
    After calling and calling and leaving VM I finally got a hold of her, and her and I had some words to exchange. I told her I wanted to speak to her supervisor, but she then told me that I could not...which I thought was crazy...and she was like, they are just going to tell you the same thing...But I was like, I want to speak to them because you are rude and you are not helping me to get you your money back....
    Anyways, I hung up because she was being difficult and I got tired of her bad attitude as if this was her money personally.
    After that I went to the Attorney General to file a complaint against her and the collection agency.
    Soon after that, I received a letter from the creditors apologizing and stressing that they wanted to help. So I contacted the lady who forwarded the message.
    We then arranged a payment plan and began to make payments again.

    NOW.....One day I was opening my mail and I opened one from the Dept. of Education. And they said I defaulted on my loan. I turned the back of the bill/notice and it said it was for another school that I NEVER went too around the time that they had said.

    The community college for which they said I went to, I hadn't attended until 5 years later, if that. And that's when I started to look at all my bills. And none of them said which college I was paying the loan on....But they all are in the same amount as the loan I am claimed to be in default for.

    So I contacted the Dept of Edu. and they said that this loan was in fact for this comm college. And I was like there was no way....And what is even more suspicious was that a couple years ago, I received a notice in the mail for loan from the same college for the SAME DATES for this loan, and I contacted the community college's Financial Aid Department and spoke to the director and registration and I was told that I did not in fact attend there in those dates in question. Both dates match the dates for the exact same time that I went to the non-accredited college.
    Moreover, the director of Fin Aid said I signed a form and it did have my signature on it, but she even acknowledged that I did not attend, so her and I were both confused as to why I was being billed for a loan that I had not received for college I had not attended.

    Anyways, now the Dept. of Education is saying they will reimburse me and will forgive my loan.

    SO my advice is to PLEASE if you get a student loan make sure you know and understand where you loan is being applied too. When you get a bill for a student loan, or any bill for that matter, make sure you know where the loan is coming from as well....because you could be in my situation.