Black Poetry : Battle Hymn Of Africa

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    Africa's sun of the sun, is shining above de heaven land,
    De’ day I’se rising, and the lord is smiling,
    day for us is rising, for black men far and
    neared Sweet God of the mighty is in the
    front line of the sun, the heavenly battalion
    leads the darkness of de’ mind of de’ black men
    Onward, make your banners wave upon
    the lord skies, we are one, the lord
    done spoken and the battle of de’
    ancestors march by the drums,
    Oh shine, ye men of noble deeds.

    The triumph plays the de’ freedom wave.
    Sacred flag we love so well-
    The red, the black and green,
    De’ hymn of where de’ father speak,
    Greatest emblem tongues can tell,
    the brightest ever seen Blackest
    clouds were gather’s o'er my head;
    Looking upon the rising sun, the spirit
    That rise when the morning comes,
    O, I ‘se sing it till the middle of de
    Cotton fields I prey, lord coming at
    The down sun, of de’ day
    I called the warriors from the mountain's steep

    I’ se black, but, O, thy soul is gold,
    My riches upon de’ heaven, de’ darkness
    That lies below, I ‘se rich man from the soul,
    My flesh is nothing said the lord,
    I look at life in strife, I the spirit, de life
    Upon this earth, is an illusion of my thought
    Upon the rising sun: I hear de’ thunders a guilty world.
    De’ time has come, de’ fated, hour is nigh,
    blood shall penetrate the sky.

    Horrors, de’ involving night,
    Prophetic visions flash before de’ sight;
    Eternal justice wakes, in their turn there God live,
    Looker down from de’ windows of his house,
    Lord gives His light, and gives his shield,
    His heat away,
    And flowers and trees and beasts and men receive
    the mighty eyes of the sun.
    But little did my boding mind beware
    'For when de’ souls bear de’ heat of
    de’ furnace, the sun has no reflect,
    but a shield of armor, what de master
    didn’t no lord say earn my reward upon
    the sky, sacrifice I give my life upon de'
    earth, there is no greater reward, only by God above de’ sky.

    De’ loud thunder of pandemonium breaks,
    De’ storm upon earth will tremble
    fast, Never dose the oceans,
    seas nor lakes shall save the
    first or last; suffering been long,
    De’ Voices cries to God ascending;
    the grave yard that stands afar,
    the voices cry beyond de’ sky,
    the marching souls that continue
    to march, We have counted every
    wrong which calls for an amending ,
    But unto de’ battle let us go, with
    the Cross before.

    Africa cry the battle de’ lord said
    take de rightful place, watch forevermore;
    the enemy scatter, and watch their ranks divide
    With God there is no hiding place, when de’
    mighty lord speak, the thunder, and the
    storm speak loud, as the army take arms.
    Oh de’ mighty sounds of de’ Mother
    land, de’ Army march upon the east,
    as de’ lord lead de’ way, the voice
    of de heaven spoke, I reclaim
    your home, de’ African Son, in
    trouble, or burdened down with care,
    Sinless no matter where, how humble, His love is ever there;
    our courage be and rally for the Nubian King,
    The Savior, Christ, the Lord,
    de ‘ lord the mighty, stands
    before the red, black de green,
    the plantation of the saviors Negro’s
    whom angels tidings bring. Africa,
    victorious sea’s, oceans, ! See, the foe goes down!
    De’ Savior the Christ lead us to
    wear the triumphant crown;
    Jesus dearly the sacrifice with the cross.

    Noumi Collectives