Black People : basic QUESTIONS to address

oldiesman said:
these are the questions that i ask myself almost everyday,and the sad answer is that our self hatred is centuries deep and it may take a few more to root it out,if ever,it seems that for every positive step we make we take two steps back and it's killing us.

Greetings oldiesman!
and Thank You for Sharing.

I too have been I trust many of the WE are, for answers to these most pertinent questions. I agree that it IS "centruries deep" AND it will likely take 'centuries' to fully extrapolate ourselves out of this 'mess".
It did not come about in one generation, and will not end in one generation!

A luta Continua!


Josh Wickett said:
Based on my study and observation, the people responsible for the "mess" are the "messmakers".

Who are the "messmakers?"

The "messmakers" are the smartest and most powerful people; they have proven their superior "messmaking" capabilities by forcing us (the victims of their mess) to gather here to determine who they are and what to do about it.

Because all victims of the "mess" are equally "messed up", all advice from one victim to another victim should be provided in the form of SUGGESTIONS.


Because Im a fellow victim of the "mess", and by logical progression have proven myself UNQUALIFIED TO TELL another victim what to say or do to solve the "mess"

BlackTasTically Stated! RE~covering DOES teach and practice the principle of offering SUGGESTIONS vs. TELLING someone what THEY NEED TO DO...

Thank You for Sharing.



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