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    Barbecue Tofu

    2 pounds of firm tofu
    Olive oil (as needed)
    Tamari or raw soy sauce (as needed)
    1 sliced onion
    1 Tb black pepper
    Natural barbecue sauce (see recipe below or use all natural store brand)

    Cut the tofu blocks into ΒΌ inch thick slabs. In a shallow pan, marinade the tofu using a mixture of 1 part olive oil to 1 part tamari or raw soy sauce, so that there is just enough marinade to cover the tofu. Slice the onion and put the slices on top of all the pieces of tofu and sprinkle black pepper over all the blocks of tofu. Allow the tofu to marinade for at least two hours, longer if possible (preferably overnight). Remove the tofu from the marinade and douse it with the barbecue sauce. Right after you put the barbecue sauce on, place the tofu in the freezer and allow it to freeze solid. Once frozen, remove it from the freezer and broil it for 5 to 10 minutes. You can then make a sandwich out of it or put it inside a pita pocket along with your favorite toppings. Serves 4.
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