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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There is no one alive that desire to see a World that is capable of Seeing me for who and what I am and still be able to show me respect and not to exploit what I have been made to become in this evil and deceiving World, a World that is unable of being real in showing how it really believe about Black People and yet there is a sadder note to this hypocrisy and that foot note happen to be about how Black people are in such Want to believe that the World is Changing in the way it view Black People, so until we Black People are willing to not accept the notion of not being Seen at all, and such a Lying and Deceiving Claim coming from those claiming to be motivated to do something of a greater Good for all, in a World that is full of Lies and Deceit about Race, and that something is based on Change, away from the dynamics that have been the cause of injustice against Black and poor People, which has caused Black People in the World to be treated as invisible people, when Justice is passing by, and we are also treated as ignorant people, when the attributes of racism is confronting Black People, and those attributes happen to be Lies and acts of deceiving Black people, about how we are now viewed in the World today, which is not at all, because we now, under the canopy of change, can not be seen for who and what we Black People are.

    That Beloved, is the change you are now rooting for, a change that does not promise you Justice and Respect, but a change that say that you are no more, you are undeserving to be seen as you really are and still be treated by the change now being claimed to be on its way, with respect, having Justice to be your reward, not how can Justice Find an invisible people, why must we be made to be that which we are not, which is invisible Black so call Afrikan People.

    Is it asking to much by Black People when we say that we do not desire to be made yet again into something we are not, and No, we do not desire to jump into the Western World Melting Pot, in attempt to change the Biological Dynamics that have caused us to be as we are, which is Black and Different from all of the Rest of the World humanity.

    Beloved, not until the world grows up willingly so, and be willing to accept Black people as we Really are and not as the world want us to become, not until then, will Black People be able to look themselves in the eye and See themselves as we are meant to be seen, absent of the make over attempt by the world, a world grounded in its Racist notion that it is superior over all other worlds and must be permitted to do a make over, when Black people is the Project of concern.

    I support Obama and I mentitate ( Meditate ) with the Ancestors, appealing unto them for their guidance in showing me the need we have for Obama to become this America United States next President, yet I am being given, not to be overly consumed over what these White Folks are doing with Obama in his quest to become America President, because everything is not always as it seem to be and right now it seem as if Obama is headed to become a Nominee for America President, yet Hillary remain the Candidate to beat in this Democratic Party contest and in White Folks Politics, it come down to who it is that the Power behind the political machine, are those that will determine who will walk into that White House, a selection that the Hidden Power Make, and not the American People, and most certainly not the Afrikan Americans.

    I support Obama because he stand to serve as the symbol for our freedom away from America, because should Obama become america President, he will not be able to make good on his promise, even when he has not promise to do anything for Black People, Black People expect for him to do so and I say, how can he, when he has told you that he can not see you Black people and what do you Black People do, well you jump for joy over the fact that you can not be seen by Obama, a Man running to be America President, he serving as an act of consistency of how White People have acted, every since they came into contact with our Ancient Black so call Afrikan Ancestors, invisible people we have always been in the presence of White People and now remain to be so in the presence of Obama, yet I support his Candidacy because I know why I choose Obama over all of those other white people, and it is not based on such a weak and indecisive word, such as Hope ot unqualified change.

    I choose Obama because I know the Power that be in the World and it is that Power that happen to be rooted in Racism, Unjustified Prejudice, Discrimination and the developing of False Wants and Hope, a process that Black people love to be a part of, even when the out come is predictable, we love to believe, wish, and hope, when such an attitude keep us grounded in America, because such abstractions keep us from having to act in our own interest of need.

    So tell me beloved, should Obama succeed in becoming America Next President, what will be your expectation to come to you from Obama, what will Obama be able to do for America that a Abe Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton could not do, After all of those of whom you held out high hope toward for you, here you are today playing the game of Hope in America Politics, a game that do not play for your Freedom, not for your Respect, not for your Independence not for your Racial Reality, just a game of belief, wishful Wanting and Shallow Hope.

    Yet, I still support Obama, because should Obama succeed and yet fail to meet the change he now hold up to you or should Obama Fail to reach his goal of entering the White House, then tell me what will you do next, because after a while an indefinite Hope and an unqualified Change, will show to be what they really are, an illusion sought after in America, yet Afrika remain firm in its reality and its potential for qualified Change, not for not an invisible people, but for Black so call Afrikan People, a People that once was Divine in their way of Life Living.

    The Divine Truth, Black So Call Afrikans Despise The Divine Truth.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
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