Chief Elder Osiris : Barack Obama, Extracts The Realism of America Racism And Unjustified Prejudice

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    Barack Obama, Extracts The Realism of America Racism And Unjustified Prejudice

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved, as I often say to you, I do not share with you in order to get you to agree or disagree or accept or reject that which I reveal to you, my only desire is that whatever I am given to share with you will serve as a motivation for you to begin to Think again, because you see, when you are Truly a Free Thinker in every Divine Truth of such a claim, then you become not beholden to an accepted status quo of believing, concerning those events that come to affect our Black Lives and since I am a Free Thinker in every Divine Truth of such a Mental action, then I can share with you the Divine Truth concerning the display of Hypocrisy that is surrounding the appearance of Mr. Obama, on the america political scene, and his becoming a candidate for the Presidency of enjoined States of America.

    So the question is, does Obama know that he is being used by the Racist elements in america and I say, that remain to be Founded out.

    So tell me beloved, what potential does obama hold for Black people in america that will heighten our exposure to undefiled Justice in america, the only change that would come from an obama presidency will be an emotional one and not a practical one, whereby the change of america government toward Black people in america will be of such, whereby we would be able to make a Divine claim that in america, Racism and Unjustified prejudice is no more, because that is the only happening that would verify that a Divine Change has taken place in america, and that the issue of Reparation will be resolved and the healing can begin in our Black Mind.

    So, tell me, what is so different in Obama that was not in Jesse and Al or Shirley Chisholm or the other Black candidates that have offered their service for the President of america, was it that their victimization of cross breeding with white folks is to for distant ?

    Here is my point beloved and it does not matter to me who it is that is president of america States, claiming to be United and a Republic, the fact that you see all of these prejudice and Racist white Folks pretending to be rallying around Obama and spouting out that their support for Obama has nothing to do with Race, they happen to be the most dangerous white Folks in america, because they still show their arrogance when playing with the Mind of Black Folks by making such a lying statement about what is motivating them to act as if they are so crazy about Obama, not for whom he is but for what he stand for and represent in america, which is different from what the past Black candidates represented and and is, their action suggest.

    The greatest disaster that can come to Black people, not only in america but the world, is for Obama to become President of america, such a white strategy would set back Black Folks of Serious Mind and in possession of our Self Respect with Dignity, so far back to the point of no return and having no longer a cause to complain about america unfair play and Racist treatment with and of Black people in america, and you may take it or leave it alone.

    So, am I suggesting that things would have been better with a Jessie or Al or the other Blacks that ran for president, presidency, no beloved, I am not, the point here is to highlight the Hypocrisy, Racist and now to them justified prejudice of white people, concerning the way they are now behaving toward Obama, but what we need to wait and see is, what the attitude and behavior of the Real power over the world is , regarding Obama and it will be revealed as Time unfold the activity of america political presidency selection and not election, america no longer elect and never have elected a president of these so call united states..

    Beloved, I told you that I do not share with you to get your approval of that I share with you, which allow me to say things to you that I know will shake your Fantasy world in such a way that you will crawl deeper into your Human Being Mind Cave that project before your Black Life an illusion of what you want to believe is True and Real, no beloved, it is all a mirage and there are many Black folks of generous Means that love living such a lie of individual Fantasy, because in the Real Black World, that include the us Black Folks Collectively, the so call Haves among us, is just another Confuse Black Mind, thay that despise the Divine Truth, while taking advantage of our Rank and File Black people who have been conditioned to follow their deceiving Human Being Mind lead.

    You may ask, who is this person that appear to be critical of everything about Black people action of behavior and I say, he is a True Divine Black Man that has no problem in informing you that his prime objective and concern, is about the Condition of Afrika and Proud Black so call Afrikan people, knowing that the only constructive Change that will come to the Divine Black so call Afrikan, is when such a people become exposed to the Divine Truth about whom we are and what happen to cause what you now are looking at concerning Afrika and Black so call Afrikan People and that cause and effect, came from the same white people attitude and behavior that you are now witnessing swarming around obama, hypocritically, as was acted out in order to cause the present condition of Afrika and Black so call Afrikan people.

    Beloved, it is not the excitement coming from the rank and file of white people I make reference to, concerning an action of Racism and prejudice behavior of white people, it is about that behavior now coming from white people of power concerning Obama, that which reveal the hypocrisy of excitement about Obama, because they know with a selection of Obama to become president of these States in america claiming to be united, Black people will have to grin and bear what is to come of us in america.

    Beloved, if this is the plan of the Hierarchy of power in the world, regarding Obama, then I suggest that you Black folks can as well kiss any thought of Reparation and the receiving of such to finally come, serving as a display of Justice for our Enslaved Ancestors, with a Divine Right of ours, as Children of our Enslaved Ancestors to return back to Afrika with dignity, will be forever gone, no longer to be regarded as a viable respectful issue in america.

    The Divine Truth, Black Folks the world over, despise the Divine Truth, thus we Despise our Black Selves, Yet I Love You Unconditionally, because I know whom you are Black Woman and Man !!!

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    Very well stated and on point !!! The illusion has been killing us and manipulating us for so long that many of our people are taking the illusion for reality. Our reality is not is HOME !!! With our own, for our own, by our own !! We have been misled into believing that the white man is our problem. They are not our problem at all...their system which has captivated our minds, our actions and our lives may be our problem to a degree, but on a serious scale, We Are Our Problem.

    We are our problem simply because we do not see that OUR REALITY EXTENDS BEYOND THE WHITE RACE. Our reality is in the fact that our condition is global. If the white race died today we would have to next contend with the Asians from China...and from them onto another group. Therefore we must face the facts that our ONLY FRIENDS ON THIS PLANET ARE OURSELVES !!! Our survival and rise depends on our recognizing and cultivating this reality within ourselves and our children !!

    Again, very well stated !!

    Asante Sana !!!
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    Very well stated!
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    to seek truth
    everywhere and nowhere
    real talk ^^
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    regarding home

    what is the consensus regarding the situatiopn of ethnic war?
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    I do agree with some of the things that you say my brotha. Understand everyone, my words are offered in peace and love. I love my people and I am so thankful for this opportunity to speak with so many intelligent "Black" people of such integrity.

    I want to address a couple of points. The first one is the one of the least importance.

    Whether or not Obama knows that he is being used. It isn't as important because, we all knew this was going to happen. It was just a matter of time. "Whites" were going to put "Blacks" into the seat of power and attempt to pull the strings. We know that racism morphs and evolves constantly. It must if it is going to survive to continue to victimize and terrorize Africans.

    But I don't think Barack is all that stupid. I am from Chicago. Barack and his family basically belongs to a quasi/"Black" nationalist church. I am pretty sure the folks here know about the charter of that church. The man was the President of the Harvard Law Review. There is a chance that perhaps he is just intelligent and not wise. But I do not think so. He maybe lacking a complete understanding of race and racism but then again, so do most "Black" folk.

    Now onto my real point, which I referenced earlier. We knew this was going to happen. "White" folks have gone through serious pains to keep us in bondage. And we have to teach. We have to teach our young. We have to teach each other. We have to use plain facts, language, and truth to combat these lies. Because what we believe is so self-evident, that even the rocks and stones would scream in agreement with us if they could.

    I know this battle is hard. I know that there are so many media forces, tv, hollywood, radio, etc., etc. trying to poison our minds. But we have to come up with some strategy to find a way to provide places of education for our people. That is just the number one priority we have.

    Then it wouldn't matter who or whom they sought to elect for President. He could be the second coming of Malcolm X and it wouldn't matter, because most of us would be armed with the knowledge.

    Love and Respect. . .