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Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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Hey there thanks for taking the time to see my post... also to answer your question I would build the entire thing.... There is no charge to you for this service... When A person buys "Destee Coins" It will cost them $1.44 for each through PayPal.... The "Destee Coins" can also cash out to PayPal at $1.00 each...
The cost of each "Destee Coin" is $1.00 but there is a banking charge from PayPal... $.40 for every transaction and another 4% for fees, So If some one was to buy 50 "Destee Coins" it will cost them $52.40... when they cash out they would get $50.00 thus .. One person can buy the "Destee Coins' send it to another and then the receiver can cash out the "Destee Coins"....
All the money is held in one PayPal account (WE control) but everyone will have there own Destee Bank Account in the system, it will have pages that the user can send and receive money, to and from.

Are you a programmer? Familiar with building addons for XenForo?

If so, that is great. I would love to hear more. Is this an existing addon or something you would have to build?

I'm not much on gimmicks to get folk to financially help us.

Our Premium Membership has been the same since it started and may be why we don't get more help.

Keeping it simple - focused on folk doing what is in their heart and not some gimmicky kind of lure.

But ... maybe we need a gimmicky kind of lure ... :mix:

I'm open to suggestions and conversations ... we can surely continue talking about it.

I like the idea that you may be able to code addons for XenForo - that excites me.

But ... none of us get paid ... destee only costs money ... she doesn't make any.

I think that's why we don't have more, because i cannot pay for more.

The Moderating TEAM works for free and i don't know what i'd do without them.

Even still, it breaks my heart and it's hard to add to that number ... folk working for free.

It is a beautiful gesture and thought and hope for our home. Thank you ... :love:

Maybe there is a pile of money on the other side of this storm, in our future ... :)

Maybe i should stay ready to act, pretend even, for the day when i can pay .. :)

I don't know Brother Titoub ... it's hard every where i think ... erry bodee try'n to make it.

Wait ... did i get off topic? ... :) ... thanks for everything.

Let's keep talking.

Much Love and Peace.



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