Black Poetry : BANK NOTES


Jul 2, 2003
Thought about the banks and the situations they control and the games they play. :pc:

Even with great credit, loans are denied or given with a high interest rates. Denials for given for bogus means like another creditor reported you settled with them for less than you owed. ( Hint: SETTLED )

I pondered how banks fund activities in no ones favor or interest but theirs.

Funding Wars, funding other countries and Wall Street.
Now today they are in crisis.

The housing slump, the greed has finally bitten them.
See some money lenders, and brokers.
Got innocent people to agree to take out loans.
They led the victims to believe they could refinance.

I personally know where one lender falsely upped the income on paper the income the couple was making and lied on years of employment.

I bought property under this era.

One lender told me he could falsely form a contract and say my other house was rented and it wasn't.
He wanted to do this so things would look better and my loan debit ratio would improve. I said NO. So I stood my credit and still got screwed.


Being Black even with great credit, on the application. When you have to check the race box.

Things. Especially interest rates are higher if you are black.

Has this so called data been reversed on us?

I believe it has never gotten us any additional consideration. If anything it has worked against us by own admission.
Having to tell what our race is.
Sets up the denial, right away.
Same thing on the job application and census.

None of these forms of data the government collects. Have done anything but supplied a clear target for discrimination.

In all of the bad loans that have thousands of people across America loosing homes. The broker got paid. The initial lender got paid, and the paper was sold to other banks. The current BUSH bail-out isn't to help the citizens. It is again to help the BANKS!

In my ponder I sorted out a few Bank names and pasted together a short flow. I hope you enjoy and twist this some yourselves.

B ‘s (Blacks ) of A_MERICA.
Are after the paper Chase.
In this they find no peace in this Union.
The paper since it is printed in the U. S.
And maintained by the NATIONAL CITY.
Is supplied for bail out of KEY CORP_porations.
These companies are the CAPITAL ONE ‘s
And so the average CITIZEN should not expect
To do WELL and FARGO the standing in which they are find themselves.
Look up towards the SUN and try to find TRUST in the gospel.
yes indeed as i fine woodforest twisted on %
by the Key Corp who is corp'ed with wells Fargo
that leave's many folkz crying mercy from
the hit of Capital One's strong arm the high
rise of National city made me run to yes
Washington mutural who Chase me away broke
struggling for hope with Blank of America now i'm
Heartland and mazed by Busey bank who holds
the First federal note i be darn if i go out this way
what can i do i feel u too fo real !!!!
can someone else keep this thrill of chill a deal or
will it seal my fate and HODEE's plate wait ! wait !
someone bout to rip it str8 ..............................
You're on point as usual, Hodee...

Banker's Trust lost my
trust long ago
Got ran out of Chase,
cause my funds were too low
And me and Washington weren't Mutual, we just
couldn't agree that my interest rates needed to grow
So I hurried to Wachovia, whoa,
service fees out the wazoo, who knew?
Sauntered over to Commerce, extended banking hours =
more time to deposit funds I'm slated to lose
We've got Hodee fryin, Rich sighin, & Watz cryin.
Hey poets, who else is singing the Bank Notes blues?
Now Most is fine with My Bethpage Federal Credit Union
I believe because its for people of a nother complexion
I can not say I am have personal problems with them
Because my account does not stay full long enough
For them to try and dig in
I haven't needed to Mortgage
Or Loan to lease a Car
But but the Bank notes Blues
Comes at me Here and far
Every Since I turned 18
Capitol One be on me hard
Trying to give me a Platinum
But I think Chase Likes Black People
They Sponsoring something
I cant remember what they said though
But now I have this Target card
With there Special special Target Corp. Bank
They laugh at me with my $200 Limit...
I needed it at that minute
I know I'ma reap my decision hard
With this 27% Apr
I'm Young HODEE, $$RICH$$, And Watzinaname
I know it aint New
But even Lil' ol me
I gots the Bank Notes Blues
Now Who Who Who
Comin to feel me?


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