Black Events : Baltimore, MD: KRS-One to Audition Acts in Baltimore

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    To be in attendance this Friday, April 21st at 3pm in Baltimore, MD. To compete American Idol style in front of three judges: KRS-One, Chiefrocker BusyBee, and another specialty celebrity judge, or be in attendance and witness first hand the next act to hit a world wide stage. Info below.

    For Immediate Release April 21st, 2006, Baltimore, MD: KRS-One to Audition Acts in Baltimore

    Internationally acclaimed artist KRS-One will be in Baltimore auditioning hip hop dance groups and acts to accompany him on a worldwide tour. Selections will be made at the Five Seasons ( April 21st at 3pm. Artist will be judged American Idol style before KRS-One, Chiefrocker BusyBee, and another world famous judge. The 5 Season is located at 830 Guilford Ave. in Baltimore MD

    Author, philosopher and teacher of “hip-hop kulture,” KRS-ONE is an icon in the hip-hopworld. Since his first release in 1986, he has stood behind his beliefs that hip-hop is theinternational “kulture” of peace and prosperity among the governments of the world.Currently on tour to promote his first independent album since Criminal Minded, KRS-ONE proves to stand as an international icon.

    Busy Bee Starski is an old school hip hop MC most famous for his on stage roasting at the hands of rapper Kool Moe Dee, a hip-hop sneak attack that is easily the most famous early example of a battle rap. He was also featured as a party rapper in the classic hip hop film, Wild Style, where he plays himself.

    Artists will be considered for National tours and possible International collaborations. Dance crews suggested to apply for immediate consideration.

    Audition fees are $25
    Attendance $10