Black Poetry : Balance and the Mutants

Street So'ja

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Mar 19, 2001
Brooklyn, New York
My intent is well minded
If it's bought and sold
You'll never find it

Some KNOW I show love
Some think I'm bugged
And those born before 1970
Don't know what I'm speaking of

"you" burn me by fire meaning you've committed arson
and I'll resort back to the oxygen, hydrogen and carbon
my state before elements combine

It's not a death wish
I just comfortable knowing my life is not infinite
Jehovah never witnessed it
What no one gets
Is life is supposed to be experienced

Not lived through the stretches of times
Then you would be a GOD of another kind

Can't accept we are ALL mortals
Running thru the time portal
Oh how awful

Listen "you", accept life for what it is
Born to die, just as the grandparents as well as the kids
All the ills of nature now which you are trying to rid
And the truths of nature shall stay hid

It's called BALANCE
Nature's own measuring stick
To keep things legit
Something got to die
So something can live
And that's the way it is

So keep the experiments
And the organic and biological changes
"you" have us headed for danger

and all "your" wishes will turn fruitless
in the World of Mutants

"you" stop hating yourself
and everyone else
stop searching for MARS
and try to better where WE ARE
right here
right now


and, for those born before 1970, i forgive you.

you are my sistah, though young
and your wisdom shines through
that throng of sweet innocense
i know surrounds you
you speak from the streets
that's good and all that
showing love toward family
even this old hat
just thought i would tell you
from the pre-70's crew
we lived it
and loved it
then taught it
to you.




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