Black Poetry : Bad Broad Express

sweet apple*pie

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May 14, 2006
East Coast
I am a student, and all though it is hardwork, it
For years….
I let the people convince me…
….that I wasn’t fabulous, that I wasn’t…..

That I wasn’t a force to be reckoned with…

That I was a "nice girl" with the bronzy glow
But too intimidated to step on anybodies…

Please tha people, People never pleasing me
Getting over like Rover on me…
Never could I say that I was pretty
Cas if you say your pretty, when your pretty
Then the haters say your snobby
But if I was overweight, like Monique
Then I could get away with saying I’m beautiful baby
The people always have great things to say
Until you become a threat to them in some kind of way
The silence becomes thick, and the praises go away
Mentally and Physically Im the soup de’jour of the day
No more will I shy away
Trying to be overly humble
So the haters feel okay….
Eat these poetic words, cas its truth in what I say
Im not gonna dumb down so you’ll accept me
Cas Ima bad a** broad, and a Diva baby

I don’t need a co-signer on these thoughts
My credit of words is top tier
You might not be able to Stand Me
But you can’t Sit Me either, my dear
I got a new attitude…called the sweet and salty mix
And your either for me, or against me
And that goes for dudes as well as chicks
Get out of my lime light, you’ve had it too long
And now Im feeling fearless
With you or alone
Clear the path off my b.o.a.r.d.w.a.l.k
Cas girlfriend is coming through
Fresh off the Bad Broad express
If you want to be a member, Im here to recruit you
Its time to Re-claim, Own, Flaunt, Display, and Parade
How ridiculously sexy and intelligent you are, Grade A
B is for suckas
And I do myself a dis-service to be grade C
D aint in my vocabulary
And Haters get E’s
So get yo a** in the breeze, if you can't handle
The new me
Been doing some re-construction
Building skyscrapers baby!
So look both ways fo you cross me
Cas my response in 09 is different than than 03

You may have known me then
But you don’t know me today.
But I’ve just given you a crash course
So don’t play dumb okay.
Step to me correct, or get your behind turned away
Pops, Don’t tell me Im beautiful
I already know this okay
Compliment my mind
How in it, you escape away
Come at me harder, Im a new woman
and It’s a Brand New day

Aint nothing more to say.
i think i let my membership an extra application so i can reapply? Lovin this..... poem, miss!

Yes of course, miz know I got u gurl! You can have a seat up front with me....lets drive this train baby!

Thanks $$RICH$$!


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