Black Poetry : Back"Yard" Flow (slow whine)


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Jan 29, 2001
Fe me Jamaican gurle....Mistress of the Stroke

she ain't 'fraid
a no duppies
in the midnight
comin to steal
her soul

she gonna dance
a slow whine
in a tropic heat

she ain't a scared
of the backroads in the
birthplace of visions
that now unfold...

she gonna dance
a slow whine
in her bare feet

she ain't a wantin
for nothin
she be the
vessel of life

she gonna dance
a slow whine
in a burnin sand

before she cum
she came hard/fast/smooth
the way she move
her waist was

she gonna dance
a slow whine
in her native land

she gonna tangle
micro braids with
funky dred
locks and drink sexy
from his ice box

and whine it up

arousin/touchin passion fires

while she dance...


alyce, 2001

A yu dat a talk bout de duppie dem ina Jamaica land??
Yeah Mahn Me a go come back to Jamaica an' fine me roots
Ina coconut tree an' drink sweet sweet passion fruit juice!!

Now you know this schitt is sooooo sweeeeeet!!

Only you can force me to talk my *Island* tongue by way of Canada!!

LMAO!! This is way too much fun for two coloured girls
to be having at 4:00a.m......& .....1:00a.m...Between a Rock &* a Hard Place...time!!!!

Do they have coconut trees in Heaven ?? ;)
What about passion fruit??

Thank-you so much for this A!!

In the name of The Bee Gees...Anne Murray...Peter Tosh....Isley Brothers...Kenny Rogers & Bob Marley too!!

*beef pattie & coco bread*


a we a run tings!!!!!!

:jumping: :jumping: :jumping: :jumping: :jumping: :jumping: :jumping:


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