Black Poetry : Baby

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    Whenever i speak of u,
    I get dis chill in my body,
    I have dis excitement going on,
    And my mind tells me dat u're da one,
    Baby, da name i luv,
    Come hither with me,
    2 my secret place,
    Where i like 2 call sweet home,
    I wanna get 2 know u more,
    I have these feelings 4 u,
    And they do exist,
    Baby, come dance with me,
    As we step da night away,
    I need u close 2 me,
    I wanna feel yo heartbeat,
    Yo body next 2 mine,
    Can we take dis further 2nite,
    I wanna entertwine,
    With u baby,
    Every move u make,
    I'll give u more,
    I'm gonna use my imagination,
    Come into my destination,
    As we lay between da silk sheets,
    Makin luv in da dark,
    It feels like ecstacy,
    I need u baby,
    In my life alwayz,
    I can't neva let u go,
    U're like a bird,
    Dat flies freely into da sky,
    I can't let dat pass me by,
    Baby, stay with me,
    I wanna give u everything,
    Da sweetest man i've eva known 2 man,
    U are more than just a friend,
    It's not a 1 night stand,
    I want 2 tast yo luv,
    With a little hint of chocolate,
    And a bowl of strawberries,
    I'm sure 2 crave ya even mo,
    Dat's why i can't let u go,
    Can i lick ya up and down,
    Takin my tongue,
    And endure yo richness,
    My body craves 4 ya,
    I don't know what else 2 do,
    But 2 be next 2 u,
    I love u,
    And i care about ya,
    Ya alwayz on my mind,
    Every day and every nite,
    Can i promise 2 u,
    Dat i will forever luv u,
    Cherish every fantasy,
    And every moment with u,
    Cause you're my baby,
    4ever and alwayz.

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