Black Poetry : Baby Mama Drama


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Jul 2, 2003
da south............ATL
Sitting home alone
Drinking red kool-aid with the sugar on strong
Wondering where the **** I went wrong
To have this woman I don't know a thing about sitting across from me with nerves on burn
As my eyes constantly steal glances at her and yearn
For a reason why you would want her
Instead of a dime like me here

What would make a person go from classy
To something that d@mn nasty
Something with nine inch fingernails and hair tracks dirty
She's looks over at me slowly
And I cant take my eyes off her, but I turn slowly
Still wondering what's her name as my heart races before me

She came in about an hour ago and said nothing but three words
"It's a girl"
No need to explain, who's girl
I already know, it's of HIM and her
She looks just like him except for younger
Dang, if only I was a little wiser
I would have been left him and let him have her
But no......I'm here
Staring at her.....

"What's your name?" She calmly asks me
I look at her blinkly
And tell her "my name is classy
Something she wouldn't know about, that's me"
Conversation stops where it started, quickly

Dang, where is he
He was suppose to be here about sixty
minutes early
I look at my watch and back at the woman sitting over there tirely
She didn't do anything wrong, why am I mad at her..........dang Casey
Talk to her......properly!!!!!
What is the proper way to talk to a woman who had a baby by your man knowingly
Not worrying about your marriage presently

She looks over at me again
This time I put a fake smile on as if I was her friend
Knowing good god d@mn well I just want this to end
And rid me of the pain that I feel towards this THING on the floor in front of her, my man's KIN
Dang, where do I pick these men?????

"You want something to eat?"
I ask the FREAK-A- LEAK
She says "yes, I would like something to eat."
I roll my eyes at her and go into the kitchen all the while keeping my eyes on her, as she looks down in defeat
The nerve of this broad, coming to my house unannounced with that THING, I'm in a heat

I bring back the food and finally I get a good look at her and the baby
It looks good for a baby
Dang, but it's by he
My man................he.......

Then the door opens.......

to be continued...................


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