Black Poetry : Baby Boy (her pacifier)


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
She told me i was her :baby:baby boy
gave me pleasure and much more
showed me her suckin thing
all i could do is cry and scream :SuN015:

I wanted my pacifier
it was what i admire
the tasty sensual fire :blob fire:
my tongue lone and desire :em3400:
that make me say ummm ummm good

She pose a pair of sensual :lipss: lips
erotic sway from da hips
got me in a trance on each dip
i want my suckin thing or i'm gonna trip
she know she got a whip :whip:
wit a smackdowm flip

She called me :baby: baby boy
when i'm on her pacifier
sucks / sucks / suckin to sleep
like candy between da sheets
stawberries and creamy feast
what a pacifier treat!
got my mind and knees weak
but i'm suckin my way back to sleep
:blob fire::blob fire::blob fire::blob fire::blob fire::blob fire::blob fire::blob fire:
Hey baby boy
come and get yo sensual fire
I know its what you desire
I'll give you pleasure and much more
I'll give enough to enjoy

Hey baby boy
It taste so sweet
come and get you special treat
my mind is open I want to cry with you
If I could I would die for you
you don't have to trip I got da whip
now it's your turn to put da smackdown flip

Hey baby boy
Your pacifiers here
It ain't going no where
as I keep swaying my erotic hips
you turn me out with every dip
with my strawberry cream
I'm for filling your dreams
keep on suckin for I'm weak in da knees

Hey baby boy
so back to sleep
as yo tongue increases my heat
you tasting dat pacifier is what making me weak
I hope u understand
just don't sleep to deep

Umm Umm Good
well understood
i won't be sleep deep
when da pacifier eroticly leak
my tongue will capture da flava
in my mind ya treat i'll savor

I know ya juicy sweet
and love how u work dat treat
when ya rolling under them sheets
when our lip 2 lip meet

I want my pacifier
yes my mouth do admire
to feast on ya sensual fire
cause it's u i now desire
it's like love & power

Time i rip & flip til it pour
suckin down to da core
taste da barries & more
u got it movin in a maze
bringing it all kind of way
as my tongue set to blaze
see how u got me in this crave

I want it to wake up too
suck it and cry out boo
be yo baby boy lickin crew
so u can cry out , it's u
fulfill my fantasy dreams
as we let off some steam
beware !!
cause i love that suckin thing
whip it on me as i lay
head first in yo sway (((0)))
pacifier holder love how we play
when u give it to me this way

work dem hips
push pull & dip
as my tongue pop and whip
u know how i care
when dat pacifier always there
on da spot juicy and hot
awakening to ya body rock
don't stop ! don't stop !
Feels good to be understood
now that it's clear
I think I should
under da sheets
continue to make you weak
just make sure
u got time to endure
da pleasures you been searching for
u say I got it moving like a maze
well get ready to be put in a daze
a trance of extacey
you can't even count da ways
don't mean to brag or boast
just tryin to get u to give me your most
don't get me wrong I'am gonna sing ya song
man......cause when you do you we can't go wrong
see I know you are amazed at how I treat what I crave
but in essence I'm yo slave
do what you do
cop all ya feels
Keep dat pacifier close
My job is to sooth you the most
beware you say
I''m not scared
you love how we play
good Baby Boy
I 've got all day!!!!!!!!
Sweet "mama"
wit da said and done
time i lay down some fun
baby boy da pacifier blisser
ya deep erotic kisser
love him some sensual u
and how u work it boo
under dem sheet on da floor
by da fire place and much more

I love it in da shower
in da wee after hours
when u make me hypnotic weak
and my mind going bleep
from ya amazing treat
I will never sleep

yes i hold close the pleasure of thee
and inside this rapture of we
dat has my body under heat
mind in a daze and soul on blaze
cause it's u ma'ma i surely crave
i love my pacifier
i wanna shake n' bake
ya like and live wire

I got a lot to give
upon da wish and be my daily dish
when we mend in this glist
of happiness and complete
suckin da pacifier and tongue sweep
close to me yes i want it fo keeps

I'm yo baby boy sex toy
use me any way u like
u know i got indeed all night
cause us two, (love make it right)
beware of my bang
and when my funny bone swang
as i play the tune
when un-covered in da upper room
for that bedroom boom))))

Be careful when in my groove
and when u make it butta smooth
i love how u sooth my soul
ya hands like pure D gold
see u got me in yo mold
under ya sensual center fold

Take me there , i want my suckin thing
and what flava that it bring
in da center what kinda cream
is it just another dream
cryin bout to scream
for my pacifier suckin thing
all night lip smackin, finger lickin
soul shaking love making body awaken
tongue twist as i give u all of me
Ma'ma what will it be
knees weak in this fantasy treat
give it to me !



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